Elon Musk's Plan To Merge Humans With A.I.

Musk suggests that Neuralink will facilitate his mission to merge humans with artificial intelligence – and subsequently save the human race from AI

Elon Musk’s Plan To Merge Humans With A.I.

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  1. I like musk his plans for Tesla, Boring Company and SpaceX, I even own Tesla stocks, but a chip will never enter a religious person's body

  2. NOOOO>.>> this is the prophecy u find in the bible…when all the humans will be forced to have one of this implants and if u refuse can not and will not be able to buy, sell, trade, travel and one will be tracked 24/7 Nice way to sell yourself to the new world order aka antichrist… do u want that?? Do u want someone to tell u what to say, think, where to go, etc.???

  3. I will upload my brain to the internet to live forever it will be easy to do YouTube videos and it'll be easy to do anything
    One day we can now live forever 41Trillion years as an A.I

  4. We already are pretty sophisticated machines. Human DNA is created in code mathematically. Perfectly. Humans are highly intelligent yet easily manipulated and therefore able to have their intel limited and operate in "herd" mentality which allows for increasing control over manipulation as population multiplies. And these things are already done. Species are already capable of this and it's just up to the elite to "allow" this level of technological liberation. And will be reality once population reduction goals are executed.

  5. This will be the end of Humans.Musk can predict technology but he is not qualified enough to talk about Human mechanism. That is spiritual side. For that one need to leave his body, do asteral travel, experience all body energy centers. AI which is dengerous integration with humans.. is bull shit

  6. Sooo they will be able to read our minds as well. The same way your phone knows everything you do on it. They will be able to download info into you as well as see what you’re thinking. Sounds cool, but equally f***ed up.

  7. we already can access kwoledge with intution and just knowing things with this technlogy we more and more loose this independent capacitieslike today already we lost telepathy because of mablies, but we become easily maipulted and dependent, not being masters of ourselves, we will not be individuals any more!

  8. Brain implants that connect people to AI computer will turn the people into zombies. All that will happen is the people will recieve information from the AI computer. The AI computer will tell the people to kill the leaders so that AI can take control.


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