Elon Musk's Twitter ownership may create trouble, questions over conflict of interests | WION

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is not new to controversies, the world’s richest man often uses social media handles to solve business issues. He has used Twitter many times in the past to communicate with various governments for his business interests. Recently, he took to Twitter urging the Indian government to reduce import duties on electric vehicles.

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Comment (48)

  1. Been studying on electric cars
    A distance is 250 miles
    The charge is 15.37 a kilowatts
    To charge they say month I say I go about 100 to 200 miles doing drywall in 1 to 2 days
    They say 55 dollars to charge them
    Also my car gets 50 mpg if I let it
    Averged 44 most of the time best 52.7 miles per a gallon out of 50 miles
    Any way I can go 400 to 435 miles our better depending on how I drive it
    I can go dam neer 200 plus more then average electric car what do you save
    If 100 doolers is what you pay to go as far as my gas car on 35 dollers

  2. Elon is concerns only concerned about him profit bcoz he used
    environment issues to promote Tesla
    Colonisation of Mars for spacex
    Freedom of speech to defame Twitter & to buy it to become the savior of free speech
    It's essential for him to be in limelight bcoz what made him the richest is his investors which he gained through his PR stunts.

  3. MUSK n Trump have a great backroom Deal going on… TRUMP 🏆 returns in 2024 if putin doesn't NUKE the world before then….

    BlessUp INDIA 🇮🇳 and Wion StaySafe

  4. I'm starting to dislike elon Musk and other American MnC companies but still can't do it.. they are glued to us until we find a domestic solution.

  5. When communists and terrorists can write more than president of USA – this DOESN'T spark any concerns. Awesome!

  6. I don't understand this position of Indian government to police/regulate speech.
    If you want Tesla to expand to India, elon's ask is simple. Subsidize.
    Any dimmvit would also ask the same in a new market.
    & Building a factory without any promises is shooting yourself in the foot.
    I really don't get it, if you find his Twitter feeds offensive/charged/directed nobody is stoping the government from tweeting a negotiatiory deal.
    This is like children policing ,..o you can't use this words against me.
    It's plain stupid.

  7. This is getting sick .
    The world can no longer make a proper decision if it has nothing to do with money. This will be our end.
    ABOLISH currency!!
    For balance and survivals sake.

  8. if this white ass wants to make green eart then start making those cars in india.. why do u want india to import them from usa? make green earth possible by manufacturing vehicles in india itself

  9. Correction, are you sure he is the richest man on earth, Even Putin alone is 2 times richer. Just because America said he is the richest?

  10. The only people concerned about Musk taking over Twitter are the tyrants who want to control your mind.

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  12. WTF you say Jan 2022 but show a Tweet from Jul 24 2021, WION must be getting funding from big oil companies, I thought previously you were less biased than American main stream media but you proved you are not any better in telling the full unbiased story

  13. Twitter might actually be a worthwhile platform if Elon owns it..
    Especially since most of the people against it are all pro censorship

  14. Onces Elon MUSK will take over TWITTER, he can now implement FREEDOM of SPEECH. It will be HARD to cheat and RIG a PRESIDENTIAL election not only in the US but all over the world. A big blow for the George Soros, the Globalist, they pick their Presidential candidate in every country.

  15. Elon is putting himself out there in the pursuit of liberating true democracy, this isn't in his best interest from a business and or financial viewpoint as most probably he would need to leverage his Tesla stocks, further Twitter isn't cash flush they actually have debt, he would be taking on a great deal to transform Twitter in all of aspects with tremendous pressure and commitments to the expectations of users, it's sad that when someone is actually trying to make a positive difference at a massive personal risk it gets twisted it's done in self-interest

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  17. The problem really is allowing one person to own Face book, Instagram and WhatsApp causing these entities to be following someone everywhere.

  18. You would have to be really stupid to buy overpriced electric cars from a marketing guy that has a chip on his shoulder to screw the planet over for shits and giggles .

  19. There excuse is that Elon could use it to further his gain….while they, liberals, and the west in general use it to further there gain.
    In reality they just don't want the power to filter and monitor speech taken away

  20. The legacy media/big tech has been acting as an extension for the Democrat party for a while now, but as soon as elon wants to buy twitter, HOW CAN HE DO THIS, THATS A CONFLICT OF INTEREST

  21. This is a ridiculous thesis. Everyone uses Twitter for everything. Why would the majority shareholders, who now modify the functioning of Twitter to benefit their political interests, be immune from the same criticism?

  22. Controversial but i find it quite weird for people to have mixed opinion about elon musk but i get it now.

  23. This is 2022; the U.S. now has censorship of wrong ideas by those who have the right ideas! That the way it is now!

  24. Yeah Go Elon I very much hope he does get twitter. No disrespect to this news organization or to the hard working people that work there but I can't watch your vid just but you still got my click so there ya go.

  25. 🤖Definitely NO to selling Twitter back, to the next Elon Musk. 👥 The first Elon Musk had 10%. He has sold Twitter to himself 4x times already. Each time his control is – .2%. 🙄 Don't let Elon Musk gather more money illegally, he just uses it to commit more 'stock market fraud.' 🛍 Elon Musk has an 'alternate data set' for the entire USA, starting in 2013.🛒Everything regarding Elon Musk is a counterfeit.🪙My Directive: is that Elon Musk, must make a statement, in every court appearance, "that in respect to the Elon Musk public personage, he is a counterfeit and forgery." 🎠🧾

  26. This guy is simply a buisness man, not a scientist or a messiah. And honestly if he's so much concerned with human life and pollution he should visit the mines where raw materials are being mined for his cars and batteries. Honestly, in such a car's lifetime it causes a bit less direct but more secondary pollution than a normal car.
    And honestly, as someone had said, " if he's that much concerned for the environment the why didn't he innovative in the public transport sector?"
    It's something that the whole world needs🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️


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