EMERGENCY HEALTH ANNOUNCEMENT | The FDA Has Requested A Voluntary Recall on Diabetes Drug METFORMIN

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Comment (12)

  1. Thank u so much for this information, I will share.I have family members and friends who are diabetics

  2. Hi Minster Of Wellness, I hope all is well with you and yours. I Do Not take any meds whatsoever. I take Ginger for pain and other herbs. You are a blessing. I'm not one for putting much in my system that's not from TMH. Thx

  3. Their able to recall it now that they have all the “deada” aka data they need on all the folks who are no longer with us. They also use it along with fertility drugs in helping the woman lose weight in order to conceive.

  4. I am living evidence that diabetes is curable .Only use your doctors for routine tests and ask to be taken off your meds.Avoid doctors as much as possible.

  5. Herbs are the healing of the nation but the majority want a quick fix you cannot trust the w. H. O nor the UN you must by all means go back to the herbs suger and salt is deadly to yr health we must leave the concrete jungle for our own health in regards to sugar and salt once it has been changed by the Europeans who manufacturer it, it is void of and goodness to yr body but when it is natrual you don't get any problems

  6. I am a living testamen to the healing powers.of The Most High.. Genesis 1:19 and GBOMBS!! I have.greens for breakfast…!!…with a year… Dropped all meds. And ….100lbs. Praise Yah….of course prayer and fasting and THANKFULLNESS REQUIRED.😄🤸 and now I WALK.. 🚶

  7. I’ve stopped taking it the moment they prescribed it to me!!! 1 day after they did!!


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