Emergency UNSC meeting on Ukraine: Security Council to vote on a resolution condemning Russia | WION

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Comment (37)

  1. Ukraine is not a democracy they have shut down opposition media they have shut down opposition political parties they are not a democracy

  2. This could have all been prevented by the promise that you crane would never join the NATO alliance and that NATO expansion would stop

  3. Very simple Question to UNSC : What would happend if Putin,s forces, rackiets, missle was installed at Mexico or Canadian borders ? Would you take your stand and say that US has no right to get red of those army? All this is leading towards third world war.

  4. The Ukrainian government is controlled by Nazis what are these Nazis come from did they come from underground bases or they've been cryogenically frozen since 1945 or did they come from the underground Antarctica base where the Nazis have been living in the inner earth all these years riding around on dinosaurs with their flying saucers

  5. West’s creeping expansionist policy is the cause of this Ukraine- Russian conflict.
    Ukraine and Russians have historical ties over 1000 years.
    USA encouraging Ukraine to join NATO and putting American Missiles on door steps of Russia.
    USA reacted in the same way, when USSR wanted to put their missiles in Cuba.
    Ukraine can be join EU, but not NATO.

  6. As an Alien , the existence of an organization such as UNSC United Nations Security Council is mind boggling.
    How in the universe would a planet require a Security Council to protect itself against its own population .
    This only implies how primitive and barbaric the Human species is.

  7. The sheer hypocrisy of West is just unbelievable.
    Putin has been for years, crying against USA’s creeping expansionist policy, and encouraging former soviet republics to join NATO.
    More than 50 years ago USA President Kennedy reacted in almost same manner, when USSR was putting Missiles in Cuba.

  8. Nato should not push Mr Putin. Natp does not know Ukraine as a country KGB does and am sure all action taken by Russia is to teach the western world to stay away. Already they have given false words to Ukraine and misguide them.

  9. Russia will never back down, Putin has made threats of Nuclear weapons from the very start.. What more do you need to know,

  10. After hearing Albania's speaker I was surprised by his poor diplomatic skills it appears he is attempting to aggravate the conflict.

  11. The Russian people should stand up together to remove the madness of the Putin regime. This stupid guy has killed too many innocênt Russian soldiers, and the Ukrainian people for his own interest. The world should hold Putin and his company accountable for the war criminal!.

  12. why asking to vote .why unsc can go and sit in talk with two countries and solve the problem. I dont think any use of unsc .it is only a talk show

    Why is United Nation Security Council always in Crisis Management instead of Managing Crisis PROACTIVELY .Why is this important World Organization without the "PROACTIVE" vocabulary in their policies.Why can't this Reputable Organization stop episode of Refugees Sufferings instead of Managing Refugees catastrophe?Why is the Organization so weak that they cannot influence nor improve human sufferings around the world.For example,why is GENOCIDE happening in Eastern Nigerian/Biafra where APC -FULANI LEAD GOVERNMENT USING NIGERIAN SECURITY AGENTS TO KILL BIAFRANS CIVILIANS.2)Why was such Organization as USC of United Nation when GENOCIDE happened in Rwanda despite all Intelligent Information being released from Rwanda.Why should United Nation-UNSC remain toothless bull dog that President Putin disregard an warning from the world leaders then proceed with invasion of of a 10 year sovereign and independent nation of Ukraine. Why should this UN-SECURITY REMAIN ADAMANT FOR THESE HUMAN CATASTROPHE HAPPEN IN UKRAINE.The Power of this United Nation Organization must be reviewed.This Russia Invasion has set a worldwide precedence meaning a country can disregard the warning of United Nation to implement evil foreign policies against any disliked nation.

  14. UN statement has substance, a neutral resolution, please stop NATO confrontation for the worst outcome, your racist and greed of power must be stopped. Manipulative agenda pressing one man, we all have to respond for peace. Where are you by the way when Arab nations were bombs, now it's happening around your backyard, bring on your guts to stop the war for the sake of mankind! God bless us all!

  15. Putin should stay outside the major cities he should stay an camp outside the cities even encircled them but do not enter the city 🏙️🌆 keep ur promise it's politically better for Russia 🪆 why because they don't know how long that they might have to stay for one thing they can also use the city 🏙️🌆 for a bargaining chip cookies u know pressure points leverage keep the death toll down even fly 🕊️💸 both Russian an aid ⛑️ from the west during negotiations table bargaining tool 🔥🔫

  16. US & NATO are the real culprits of this war, by positioning missiles on Russian border….Now, cheaters blame Putin for your expansionist policiee….

  17. Putin does not care about anything but the resources in the region of ukraine, crimea and the shipping rights to that region in the future. The longer he waits to ruin ukraine's power, and to ruin ukraine's ability to join the nato, the more he will lose power to control the entire region to the west…

  18. These people are just begging someone who is crazy just be ready if he press a long button please don’t hesitate to burn him up you all have nuclear weapons test them by burning up the doctor



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