Emirates will continue flying to Russia as UAE is not taking sides in the Russia-Ukraine war | WION

Amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, UAE is not taking anyone’s side. Emirates will continue to fly its flights to Russia as usual.

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Comment (35)

  1. I would put the UAE in the category of nothing but a bunch of self interest and a people government that is repulsive and repugnant.Can’t wait for the rest of the world to become non-dependent on the oil and give them the huge biggest possible finger ever.

  2. Love to go to Ukraine and taste Ukrainian delicacies … sweet 16.

    But, for now, NO MONEY = NO HONEY.

  3. Russia ALL the way… Dont back down Putin … These western colonialists need their own medicine!!! Putin … Dont give up …

  4. والنبي يا باشا عاوزين فلوس يا باشا يا بتاع الشرطة ام حنين معاك يا باشا دمنهور مصر

  5. A reason never to use this airline again. Making money is more important then people's lives. But yeah what's new

  6. Most of the countries in the world will continue to do business with Russia.
    The only ones forced to stop are the ones controlled by international Zionist cartel that is desperate to regain control of 200 trillions in Natural reserves Russia has.

  7. Zelinsky is pawning his country to united states and to NATO for weapons. Just to be a puppet for foreing interest. His people and the deads are just colateral damage and uknown victims dying for noting, and for those who fight for the real power and for the real control of everything.

  8. Congrats, good decision.
    More and more countries are emerging who are not afraid of Bully terrorist USA.

  9. So nice to know that the UAE and Emirates care more about money than the lives of innocent Ukrainians. The UAE is a country without morals or compassion.

  10. europe cut itself from half the world by toeing the american line. now half of those airlines would go bankrupt because they would have to take long distances and charge very high to breakeven

  11. Middle east should not follow bogus imperialistic decisions by the USA & it's allies, before doing it they never consulted anyone so let them suffer the repurcussions.


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