Endtimes revealed: signs in the heavens

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  1. A summary of "watchman reports" the stars are angels, satan is a fallen angel, satan is known under different names Lucifer (=the bringer of light) comes from lux, lucis light in latin, he is also called the morning star and in Hebrew his name is Heyel. He was part of a group of stars called the morning stars Job 38 (11:40), a particular group of Angels called the morning stars.

  2. Where do you get all these books , and do you you have a Bible with Gods real name in it and Jesus name ,I really would love to study from them

  3. Shalom brother in YAH"
    thank you for the message and your teachings I have been in search for a while now since the Holy Spirit has been getting my attention through signs and numbers appearing everywhere.( Grace Salinas) Oceans Of Love!

  4. Shalom🌼🌻, AWESOME teaching, Thank you so much Family😁😊.. ALL Praises be unto The Most High ELOHIM YAHUSHUA HAMASHIACH!!!

  5. I remember I received my first necklace with YAH name on it from this couple, are you guys still making necklaces

  6. Something tells me tgat something major is going down on the 21st this month. Tye son will be darkened by the moon on the 21st of this month and their shall be no light on this earth ( solar eclipse) black people have being going through some harch tribulation. I don't know for sure but i think the 21st of this month can be very significant.

  7. So demons built tge template of the most high? I am having issues believing that. I am starting to question you as well. Why would tge most high give salomon a ring to call upon demons when he forbid us from doing such thing? I am seriously questioning you

  8. Thankyou watchman and family for reaching Yah's people with the truth.For so long I didn't know Yah's real name.When I was a child I knew him as god and his son as jesus.Now I know his son's name is Yahushua, my savior.I have always believed in the most high since I was a child, he has always been with me.i am a true isralite, I am The most high's child.I love my heavenly father.Thankyou family for revealing the truth.The Most High bless you family always and protect you and keep you safe.And all glory be to the Most High! forever.

  9. For some reason i cant put this flat earth/round earth thing together. What if it was flat or round? What next?

  10. It's funny, when I went to be baptized by you, I got home and was extremely sun burned to where my arms and face were peeling.

  11. It's all been done 4 us bro I recommend niv scripture we must must move with the age…. Simple book 4 simple English but thanks 4 ur view

  12. I read The Testment of Solomon. And I want to read over it again. That's how he got that Temple built. Tricking those demons. At least that's what it sounds like. And Satan's wicked children, teaching you that stars are part of the solar system. When they know they're angels and fallen angels. And the ring that King Solomon had, sound just like Lord Of The Rings. That's where they got that plot from, I bet. I thought about that when I read King Solomon's Testment. Speagal and Bill Bilbo was who l thought about in Lord Of The Rings.

  13. That's where Hollywood gets most story plots from the Books that they omitted from the Scriptures. They left them out. And then out them out in form of film. And program them in our heads through film.

  14. The Most High is shaking the Heavens. Cuz our music director felt one. And where I Tennessee. His right between Knoxville and Chat Town. And hurricanes just don't happen here. We've been in our last day. And 2019 is going to be Very Prophetic. We are close to The Say Of The Lord. You know they are open up portals over there at CERN. Look what's in front of it. The goddess is bringing that energy in for them to open it up.

  15. Why is Solomon interviewing demons? Why would YAH give him a ring to summon them? Could it be because he-Solomon- has intermingled with so many women with many many different false gods that he used something the Elohim designed for good and he used it for evil. We must remember that Solomon became very corrupted towards his middle and end reign so I can only believe that he was truly into demonolgy at this point

  16. Bless you Watchman!! I have a question. The word rapture is not in the bible. What is your view on this? Thank you!!!

  17. The NEW Month has began because the New moon is tonight. The new day has began because sunset already. We praise Yahuah everyday but THIS day the signs are in the firmanent. Hallalu Yahuah🙏🕎💓🎺🥁🎻🎹🎷👏

  18. could U and your wife help me with my sister .. she is staying sick .. saw the video about sickness & i trust U can help .. thanks!


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