Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. Hey TCA maybe you've changed your mind about the Protestant inventors hatred for the HM, because he basically knew they were C's (not directly) but those specific non blacks in Europe were from this very C's/E's stock.

    I have some books that you could maybe add to your list for research?

    "The HM and their lies" by the guy who sparked the Protestant movement

    "The something of something written for domination of the world" (Maybe you're already familiar with it. It comes from the MAGOG steps and we know where the "Bulan" People come from)

    The "blood M-J-C-F-M " (every word in Caps should be read with the letter that comes before this specific letter in the alphabet). This topic isn't a book but look it up bro. There are many videos on bit/chute covering this. Those C's/E's acting as US were kicked out from so many "lands" because of this reason and their control on the 🏦, 💰💸, gouvernement through their ungodliness.

    "The secret relationship between US and 'THEM' " by the Farakoons

    "The International HM " by some Car inventor

    "The holy 'slithering ting' of the HM "

    Had to write a 2 part comment it gets deleted every time

  2. C's/E's/ Chasmonim (look it up in the Septuagint and look, which Dynasty took over in the 2nd temple before the time of Yahshua), changed the game.
    PLEASE Look it up who those Chasmonims father was in the Table of Nations Genesis 10 GREEK Septuagint version.

    Had to write like that

  3. This entire lesson can destroy the Christian/GOCC construct and many other constructs. I truly at a loss for words. That video of the giant man speaking, scared me to my core. On another note, I had a friend from Nigeria, a Hausa girl named Kahtura and she was mixed with white, it’s crazy how history can be standing in you’re face.

  4. You know wagwan? Esau is our dark side and Yaqov is our light side. Our sins mirror Esau, and our best side mirrors Yaqov. It's strange they are twins. But I can relate to both and their decisions as life went on. Yaqov was ticked off at his sons after they slaughtered a few cities over their sisters scenario, as he was about to give in to her marriage to the dude to maintain peace for example. They made their mistakes, but also on Esau's account, I recall meeting this one brother for the first time. Within 5-10 minutes of his presence, I said to myself… This brother won't be able to handle a sister of colour in marriage, he did go on to have a child with a sister, but it failed quickly, before the child was born. You played a clip whereby the Armenian woman I believe stated the darker man stands out, that where this brother thrived. In that area where he can standout, even when I introduced him to another brother I stated that, before he had the child or dated his "baby momma", then he later acknowledged what I had said. As he at first thought I was harsh on my statement. It is easy to roll with Canaan women, lower expectation as they are just wowed by basic speech. A sister, man…. You got to deliver in all departments, no chance to be slack. So I understand the appeal on the men's side. Like I stated about the twin's, Esau is the easy way through life, not the righteous way though, as you become slack, so you always ducking and weaving

  5. Jos_11:10  And Joshua at that time turned back, and took Hazor, and smote the king thereof with the sword: for Hazor beforetime WAS THE HEAD of all those kingdoms.



    khaw-tsore' – I.E, KHAZAR!

    A collective form of H2691; village; Chatsor, the name (thus simply) of two places in Palestine and of one in Arabia: – Hazor.
    – This is deeper than you can imagine…and I'm here to help(smile)

  6. TCA this was one of your best…I must say there are many though . …Excellent breakdown. There was always something missing, I could not connect the dots but now the puzzle is complete. Thanku and sis Naphatli and as always all praises to TMH

  7. Why is it so hard for many to believe people who at one time were well melanated, fail to retain their melanin? It happens often. Vitiligo. Not to be mean spirited to anyone experiencing this condition. Just using it as example of one's skin pigment change.

  8. Abba YAH bless you Brother TCA for researching, revealing and sharing this awesome liberating, healing truth. All praises to The Most High YAH. HalleluYAH.

  9. Original Arabs are dark skin like the Bedouin… Not the modern pale Arab… Just as the Original Asians prior to mongoloids and aryans… Still, as always, some of the best information on YouTube and beyond.

  10. Shalom brother as you where reading from international standard bible encyclopedia when you got to the part of Esau marriage to the horite woman name Anahi or Anna I pause to thank the Most High for revelation the name Anna has been used in movies repeated as long as I can remember in reference to a woman of prominent…. political powerful….assassin like bad to bone lol who could kick a mans butt….that name Anna I wonder why they all usually had that name it make sense now seeing it in scripture they worship the mother Anah there queen who gave them life also fertility worship of the womb

  11. @TCA thank you for the outstanding eye opening teaching. What you said makes much since, but I am now left wondering who and where are the children of Japheth? Are they also white or could they be black as the curse of leprosy was only placed upon Canaan’s lineage.


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