EU anti-fraud body accuses far-right candidate Marine Le Pen of embezzlement | World News | WION

In less than a week to go for the second phase of the French polls and the race at the Elysee Palace
is now heating up with both the candidates centrist Emmanuel Macron and far-right Marine Le Pen pulling all stops now to ensure they come on top.

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Comment (31)

  1. Of course. The EU socialists don't want a right leaning government in France. This will happen in every future election around the world by commie bureaucrats

  2. Everyone has a plan the EU wants one government for Europe after that one world government The British want one world government with the British in charge others want to rule the whole world as well Russia China India do not want to rule the whole world smart people

  3. when "democracy" doesnt work as planned they find a way to get rid of most favorite by the people and avoid "democracy"

  4. So it is said here that the investigation opened in 2016, and Le Pen was questioned in writing Mar. 2021. So this is not a new case.

  5. Sounds really familiar to what they tried to do to someone else hmm. What a coincidence in the timing too hmm. We are not stupid anymore!

  6. EU is interfering in French Internal Elections. That itself is a defeat of Democratic Rights of French Citizens. EU interference in French elections has to be probed.

  7. I can imagine the EU trying everything to stop Le Pen because they hate any opinion that differs from theirs.

  8. Wow,bring the thief to catch a thief, even if ma'am looses we will know what %age of France feels in this momentus time. Macron hitting below the belt nothing much but ma'am turns comes to hit below the belt men please wear a testicle guard, 600 thousand dollar embezzlement 😂 to buy popcorn talk in billions men you are insulting top politicians,they won't stoop so low that to for pennies come on.

  9. Le Penn winning will mean hardship for the citizens but more power and honour for the commen citizens,yes Le Penn means struggle in times to come but struggle to self empowerment no more puppeting days, vote for our Titanium lady.

  10. Lies lies lies. This will turn Europeans against the EU and the media big time. They are obviously afraid of her rise. All these people will be pushed even further right

  11. This is typical of the EU and France.
    They're crapping their pants that Le Pen has a chance of pulling it off.
    So, they go to work muddying the waters.
    Vive le "quoi"? Tu rigole..


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