EU chief Ursula Von der Leyen to hold bilateral dialogue with Indian PM Modi during her 2-day visit

European Commission chief Ursula Von der Leyen is on a two-day visit to India where she will be meeting top government officials in a bid to strengthen India-EU strategic partnership. This is Ursula’s first visit to India as the president of the European Commission.

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Comment (22)

  1. Humans cannot control the long term trends of planet earth climate. This is political arrogance, as explained in the 12th century by King Canute.

  2. इसको president बनाने के लिए इंडिया ने lobbying की थी और 100 million euro खर्च किए थे

  3. The plan is to first isolate Russia and defeat the country. Secondly, the West wants to isolate China. The plan should be to balance the powers.

  4. I believe India told Johnson if he was going to lecture them about Russia not to bother turning up. I doubt Vonda lay down will make a difference.

  5. Us,alone,cant save eu,,they need to shell out bucks,to buy arms,to face russia,,mr. Trumpt,the late also said so!!!!!

  6. Another Hypocrite visit……India 🇮🇳 will surface face Europe is buying $900Mils energy transactions daily on the face without any hesitation if Ukraine war 🚀 topic debates and if Europe tries to lecture india 🇮🇳…….

  7. Welcome madam excellency but please stop importimg oil 🛢 from Russia before lecturing India rest all trade n defense deals are welcomed. Yes we have lot in common Earth has to be saved from Global warming n climate changes.

  8. Dont waste time please, India is not europe n will do things their own way. Dont come here teach Asia country what to do!

  9. Something is fishy in visits by so many leaders from big boyz to India after Russia -Ukrain war. Damn sure it's not only about war but something else for which all d parties r trying to achieve. Even in crisis, competition & self interest goes on

  10. Oh look its the unaccountable global elitist eurotrash witch herself……is she going to appear in daylight this time?….just wondering…."Ursula Von der Leyen"…well…of course thats her name……

  11. I Feel Russia is going to continue this war and Europe and more are in for a long war NATO & EU should just go in and finish this war now I feel PUTIN is sick and is making everyone Pay for his saddest But the world is at war TIME to stop it now before it is to hard to stop NATO HELP THE WORLD NOW BEFORE IT IS TO LATE ——–


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