EU Commission Chief Ursula von der Leyen speaks at Raisina dialogue in New Delhi, India

EU Commission Chief Ursula von der Leyen is currently in India to boost ties with India. On her last day of the visit, she spoke at Raisina dialogue in New Delhi, India.

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Comment (31)

  1. WION news famous Palki's husband spilling venom in Indian news channel about Hindus. Please don't tell me that BY PROFESSIONALLY they are different. With janeu Rahul Gandhi is same as without janeu he's same as originally congress Rahul Gandhi. Indians don't believe in PALKI SHARMA UPADHYAY statements in channel.

  2. Some how India has become epicenter of targeting Russia 🇷🇺 and all measures and no stones unturned to bring India to western side

  3. What she said is philosophically , factually incorrect and wrong from many dimensions of thoughts .
    What is important to India is that we follow our own path . Where were America , EU during Galwan???
    These people have the same objective with India as they had with Ukraine . Use India as a tool to counter Chinese power .
    Sell weapons to India , make money and if China invades India keep your mouth shut and then it is upto India to fight China .Everyone knows that India is capable of giving a tough fight to China , but in the case of a fight economies of two superpowers in Asia will be destroyed, thus benefitting The West .

    Fellow Indians , it is high time you understand this game plan of The West . They make two countries fight proxy war for their own benefits . When the war actually begins , they act as if they are protectors of human rights but to be honest they are truly the perpetrators of the war . This happened in Middle East , might happen in Taiwan and currently happening in Ukraine .

  4. She's teaching India about democracy 😃,, one thing is that ,,, what about human violation in Afghanistan, Syria ,Iraq Libya everyone knows well ,,by the way , India knows very well about you and American conspiracy on Ukraine against Russia ,,,, India shouldn't break relations with Russia hearing their sweet talks ,,,,,,,, Russia always love and cares her partner at the Time of crucial but America doesn't ,,,, American is that when America needs you , will talk sweet , when don't need you , just kick throw you

  5. You can not have a diplomatic solution if you only talk to Ukraine and not listen to Russia concerns about NATO . And The killing of civilians in the east by AZOV . They tried to talk about it before the invasion but president of the United States said to invade . He was not going to listen .

  6. She means centuries to come if they keep putting wood on the fire it will not and cannot go out ! You need to put water on the fire not wood .

  7. Key word is China, Europe sees China as a competitor and threat. Well explained by her why Indian cooperation is needed and it would be good for India.

  8. We must approach any solution with respect to human lives. We can't play anymore the economical interests of the business world. We have lost the capacity to be visionaries for humanity. This  way to deal with the present conflict will hurt anyone including those in power. We must understand that in the world there are not more little towns but a vibrant culture that is awaking to the own roots. its imperative to keep diversity in top of any solution even incases that may hurt us. An homogeneous world is dangerous for human development.

  9. So where does Australia's red line on a Chinese base in the Solomons fit?. You are speaking B/S madam. Geopolitics trump sovereignty everytime.

  10. Ursula, what a bullshit is this? was democracy born 2,000 years ago in Europe to invade Africa, Asia, east asia and the continent of America. You have just seen few of the war crimes but not all of the war crimes and human rights violation committed by European country. Ursula can you tell the world, the truth behind your hypocrisy. Europe does not deserve to lecture the world about Democracy.

  11. Typical Christian lecturing us natives , moral bunkum was eradicated by intelligent people after Nietzsche , but this anachronism never dies
    Rival meaning China don’t you have. A trillion dollar business with them . How hypocritical can you be young lady . “ shared values” she is very redundant in self praise. Why did she not address terrorism, only mentioning of Russia and China indirectly

  12. Democracy was not born in Europe, request to please read the Ramayana and get enlightened on what is a. Democracy, before making such claims, Miss/Mrs. Ursula Von Der Leyen.

  13. The European Union is marshalling out ideals that they have violated time and time again. How does the ordinary African view European leaders? The EU must first atone for its mortal sins in the great continent of Africa.

  14. India Russia China must not divide too much and give West to rule the world. These people are no democratic. In the guys of big moral talks, West is nothing but immoral exploiters

  15. "with Europe what you see is what you get" …we saw "East India Company" as a business entity but they indulged in activities to capture India for 200 years !

  16. Probably she didn't see corpses lined up on the streets of Vietnam,Afghanistan, Iraq,Lebenon. Probably it was due to the fact that the bombings were so heavy, fusing and melting bodies ,making it impossible to distinguish any dead human being from another.
    She certainly does not know how the sanctions has lead to rising oil prices and collapsing economies.
    She is innocently not wise to the increased purchase of oil and gas from Russia even while pressurising India.
    Pl look at the mirror Ma'am,you shall see a lier and hypocrite!

  17. i dont trust her one bit shes two faced and is only looking to extract big concessions from india at this moment when it helps her masters

  18. It's nothing only bait n pressure making tectice to India to quite independent policy of own and affect by this goon Couse when this unions n a lot trying to dictate to India to free dependent on specific country is automatically entitled a interfere and distrubence to any nation foreign policy…it not suited to them…

  19. Funny International law becoz what happen when America Invaded Many Countries and killed innocent civilians of that countries and America is also one and only country who bombed Hiroshima and Nagasaki by Nuclear bombs …where is the International law and where is the punishment on United States of America….


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