EU hints at giving membership to Ukraine amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine | English News

Top European leaders and diplomats have arrived in Kyiv to reassure membership. Europe will offer financial and moral support to Ukraine.

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Comment (35)

  1. Zelenski has made mockery of democracy. What Ukraine gets in lieu of EU. Euro, Destruction and partition.

  2. So, what exactly is his plan? Have many Ukrainians killed in the war, millions leave the country to the West or to Russia… who is moving in?

  3. Ukraine belongs to NATO and must hurry up before Putin blowup the next phase of NuClear site which will affect Europe without Putin sending one Missile to its neighbor.The nuclear effect would cause damage, human defect and death to millions in Europe without cure and could be too late to protect yourselves and the lives of many. Putin is capable and dont underestimate this mad man.

  4. I just feel that EU is not going to sleep until full ukraine is wrecked… Also, this makes EU to go into darkness if Russia is going to stop oil gas exports

    Sadly, these leaders instead of negotiating for global peace. They are escalating this to point of no return which might lead to world war 3.. Terrible to think of this

  5. Believe nothing that Nato and EU says. Believe nothing that Joe Biden Says and Boris Johnson says. Politicians and Big Business equalls profits and corruptian. Watch the stage unfolding, stay home and RELAX!

  6. “We can return territories, but not people”- Zelensky. Zelensky should listen to his own advice since he caused this war by being mesmerized by the West and Nato, if he had just agreed to the Minsk agreement this war would not have happened. Biden and UK are encouraging Zelensky to continue the war for their own evil agendas

  7. If we allow nazis to join the west, I'm DONE!!! She has seen her "friends" standing right next to her, smh! THEY FIRED THE MISSILE AT THE TRAIN STATION!!! THEY FILMED THEMSELVES KILLING RUSSIAN POWs (war crime) LOOK FOR YOURSELVES!!! UKRAINE IS GUILTY!!! LOOK!


  9. I wonder who will provide the funds to rebuild the Ukraine? There's no affordable homes being built for me. But, Joe Biden will surely provide billions for the ukraines Marshall plan. Lots of Americans like me getting sucked dry by greedy landlords

  10. I don't even care anymore, so they don't want peace talk and just wanna keep fighting, go ahead and destroy each other so China can take over everything.

  11. Okay let world war 3 begin, i hope eu only will be wipe out by russia and not south east asian country after all they accepted ukraine knowing full well it would be nuclear war with russia… unleash the tsar bomb

  12. The other countries wait for decades and Ukraine dont meet the requirements especially corruption.
    Who is going to pay for it?
    France ( pigeons) Germany Italy….

  13. An actor meeting another in a historic moment. Ursula von der Leyen is very much like Jens Stoltenberg, they like their cameras. She has more styles than the Paris Fashion Summer Edition. But that is what the EU Parliament is like, style over substance.

    The EU has been dancing around Ukraine over its potential for membership. The answers varied between "No way, amigo" to "Yes… may be…one day". The potential for Ukraine to join NATO and the EU, made up part of the fuse for this war. While the EU and NATO dangle that carrot, it gave Russia the excuse to invade. Now whether the military actions are justified or not, history will judge it accordingly. When sh*t hits the fan, NATO/EU know better and led from the back. While it is happy to keep the weapon supplies steady, it won't send in their troops. To make it look as if the EU/NATO is under control, they front the cameras to broadcast their unwavering supports. While they keep the media energized, Ukrainians die, starve, and left homeless.

    So it is fitting that two actors greet each other so warmly as they know a photo-op is a good career move. I have touched on the way Ursula von der Leyen behaved in the current crisis. She spoke as if she owns the entire world. A hangover from the colonial days when Europe carved up the world according to their seniority. Her advice and criticism of India over its decision to buy oil from Russia wasn't well received by Indian Foreign Minister. She demanded China to keep away from Russia. We could understand the fact that English is not her first language, but being a diplomat, I am certain that she knows the big difference between "expect" and "appreciate". She said "…expect China not to support Russia in terms of trade…". Obviously diplomacy is not her strength?

    Her wall-to-wall grin, and double hand holding with Zelensky indicates she is giving him the top marks. She even up the ante by producing a form for EU membership for Zelensky to sign up. But I thought he had already lodged an application in a publicity display a couple of weeks ago? By the look of it, it sank. Now a new form is publicly produced by Ursula von der Leyen for him to fill. If that is not style over substance, I want to know what isn't.

    While Zelensky pores over the fine prints in the form, more Ukrainians die. I am sure that Joe Biden will announce more sanctions, but it finds it hard to kick the habit to buy Russian oil. I checked the current US oil imports from Russia,
    "The U.S. stopped buying Russian oil for a week from February 19 to 25, but then resumed imports the following week at a rate of 148,000 bpd, a 2022 high. U.S. oil imports from Russia averaged 52,000 bpd in March."

    While Biden tells Europe to cease all hydrocarbon trades with Russia, it swallowed its pride and "forget and forgive" Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for the human rights abuses, resumed oil imports from them. Talking the walk is easy, walking the talk is harder than the few steps to the lectern.

  14. At the end of this war Ukraine will no longer exist, my guess , the entry into the EU will not transfer to Putin nor whatever country Zelensky flees to. You guy should have listened.

  15. Shame to Zelensky 😱Serial number of the Tochka-U missile that fell the day before at the station in Kramatorsk. Missile 9M79-1, serial number Sh91579, – experts comment on the revealed information. – Earlier, Ukrainian militants used missiles from , one more terrible action from Nazis Ukraine battalion

  16. The overwhelming hypocrisy of the EU ! Ukraine is a corrupt country like the Russians I would rather see Ukraine being nuked than the rest of Europe. If the plot of Nato and Eu to oust Putin failed ? Then I just hope not to see these politicians after a nuclear Armageddon. These are the kinds of politicians who lead the world to total destruction.

  17. This is so very pleasing that Ukraine belongs a part of the EU family. I hope that this admission is fast tracked.


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