EU to propose a phased ban on Russian oil amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine | WION

Amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, the EU is all set to propose a phased ban on Russian oil. However, Hungary is expected to resist oil ban.

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Comment (21)

  1. Phased Ban? The Ukraine’s will all be dead before you loose all your oil and gas from Russia. Hypocrites

  2. This shows how pathetic the EU are
    By now, they should realize that any sanctions/actions from them have reciprocity consequences.
    Who knows Russia might not give them the luxury to find alternatives in the next 6-8 months.
    Russia might cut off the switch by the end of the May, that would be more devastating to their blackmail

  3. If i was putin i will automatically cut EU off from supply. Let them start feeling the hit now.

  4. The whole EU block is now negotiated successfully with Nigeria to supply OIL & GAS so they can afford to go hard on more heavy sanctions! This will hurt Putin so badly as he got discount his oil so low to sell towards EAST as he won’t be able to sell to WEST!!

  5. The year is 2040:

    Russia has taken most of Ukraine. Europe no longer has gas

    EU: Maybe some more sanctions will help us pull this back

  6. Should have been decided and in place when the first Russian soldier rolled into Ukraine.

    You can't pick half a side, if we're behind Ukraine, than be behind them and hurt Russia wherever and whenever you can.

    Yes there will be a huge price, loyalty doesn't come free, it never does..

  7. Russia is "unfazed" because corrupted countries like China and Hungary are supporting them DUH! people want earth to be a place where others suffer.

  8. Maybe this will shut up all the Indian internet trolls criticising the EU for being hypocritical in continuing to use Russian Oil and gas… Now that the EU is doing what it preaches will India also step up ?

  9. Putin should go ahead and cut their oil off now, don't give them 6 to 8 months to find other alternatives

  10. 🤣🇪🇺🇬🇧😂 Eu sanctions means… INCREASE GAS PURCHASES FROM RUSSIA IN RUBLES! Leadership wants sanctions… Corp increase purchases. It's a CIRCUS SHOW.

  11. EU talking loud while counting on Africa and the middle east. They also should cut supply to europe and let yhem self choke.

  12. russia should cut gas supply in eurooe now asap, dont wait for the sanction .lets see how Europe will survive


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