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The European Union is said to propose a phased out ban of Russian oil imports, this will come as part of fresh round of sanctions against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine. According to diplomats, the European Commission which commonly draws up sanctions for the bloc is currently in the midst of preparing a text that could be put in front of the 27 member states as possible.

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Comment (20)

  1. Berlin is a beautiful city. Just imagine how marvelous it will look with every window glowing by candlelight every evening.🤔

  2. Hungary is 9 million out of 1.1 billion NATO members; it's supply of Russian oil is meaningless as Belarus support of Russia.

    Sweden/Finland are 15 million more NATO members.

    Even countries like India/China won't be able to make up the difference. 🙃

  3. Economic and intellectual suicide. I contemplate leaving Europe. The shock of the collapse will plunge the continent into a new dark age.

  4. Then hungary must leaved EU. . THEY HAVE nothing to provide to make EU strong. . Useless.

  5. America Europe and and Russia 🇷🇺 shot come to the table and end the war is better then sending weapons to Ukraine 🇺🇦. USA 🇺🇸 would want Russian to have a military base in Mexico 🇲🇽. So Russia 🇷🇺 would not want Ukraine to join NANO too.

  6. EU..who cares if you dnt want oil from Russia..!..who gonna lose..?..good for Russia a good reserves for them..! Jejeje

  7. You are banding yourself and not Russia because it was business and if you refuse to buy their oil other countries and people will buy it

  8. The only people this effects are Russian citizens and just about every other human citizen in the world. As for the war, it's not looking like it.

  9. If they can't control your resources… they don't want it. Welcome to the Western front

  10. Russia must do all those European countries that want to ban gas and oil a favor. They must turn off the taps to Europe immediately and sell their products to more friendly countries at a discount.


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