Europe proposes ban on Russian oil, aims to phase out Russian crude in 6 months | WION

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, the European Commission proposed a ban on Russian oil imports. So far, this is Europe’s toughest move to isolate Russia.

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Comment (42)

  1. Long live RUSSIA and INDIA and ASIA and MIDDLE EAST the New world order Leader's has been taken by the EAST ERA SOON 💯🙏🏽🤘🏾✌🏽👍🏿💯

  2. Holy shit what are these countries doing? Even if they are successful in seperating from Russia it would do absolutely nothing since Russia can just sell more to countries that like to buy for a cheaper price

    Expect gas and oil prices to rise

  3. Now it's clear the green energy transition that the West kept selling us was an utopy. Oil stil has bright future

  4. Why would they make proposal's like public lol?… Russia could just shut off supply right now before the EU gets to the 6 month deadline and they would be left hanging …

  5. Dont worry.. People who live in EU are damn rich. They can buy other nation gas at high price. No worry said them

  6. The Empress of the European Commission, German Ursula von der Leyen, who was born ultra rich, will not be pleased to realize that she doesn't own all the countries in the EU.

  7. Can't Russia just turn off the pipe? EU and US bark too much. It's time to shut them up. Let them froze to death

  8. Russia has already taken such steps. Recently President Putin signed a sanctions decree against unfriendly countries. That's you Europe. Everytime the EU attacks Russian imports, prices rise as does oil producing countries' profits.

  9. I use to think that EU have smart senses, but now I know they are all big empty heads, even their citizens are calm as their economy fades away. God bless Russia for exposing the so called West.

  10. President Biden accidently let Regime change slipout of his mouth on March 27 2022 . Between 1947 and 1989, the United States participated in changing other nations’ governments 72 times .Since 1989 it participated in Regime change , 10 times. Iraq in1992, and in 2002, Afghanistan, Venezuela, Haiti, The Gaza strip, Somalia, Iran, Libya, Syria, Biden even said he will supply Ukraine with arms until the last one standing . No talks , no negotiations. Proxy wars are about Regime change . Lebanon was once a vacation destination . Women once became doctors in Iraq, now look at afghanistan it’s destitute. It will be the same for Ukraine.

  11. Then Oil & Gas Prices will skyrocket in Europe due to shipping charges, Export & Import charges, Transportation costs and Excise Duty etc…by chance if they stop importing oil and gas from Russia

  12. But days ago when Russia Closed the Gas Supply in Bulgaria they calling it Blackmail 🤨🤨🤨

  13. Yes Europe…. Cut supplies from Russia and let citizens pay 3 times more for gas from the USA

  14. Do Europe gives a 💩 about Romania prices ? Or all politicians live in luxury and don't care about the average Joe ?

  15. If Russia stop supplying to any EU member it is blackmailing but if EU does it is ok. Russia should stop supplying it's oil to EU before EU put oil embargo.

  16. Effectively pumping more than average money into Russia now until the ban comes into effect.🤦🏻‍♂️

  17. "However, the ruling New Azerbaijan Party, in power since 1993, has been accused of authoritarian leadership and the deterioration of the country's human rights record, including increasing restrictions on civil liberties, particularly on press freedom and political repression.[27]"
    The U.S.. Europe must stop purchasing energy from Russia because it is authoritarian and therefore untrustworthy.
    Buy it from Azerbaijan and the Saudis instead. 😆 😆
    Can't make this stuff up.

  18. Now I m 100% sure that America fault is making the world pay. They printed shit load of money with EU and now after they know that they r fceuked they r keem to make the whole world go to their way by supporting Ukraine and fueling the war. America is the only out problem of the world. Destroy it and we r good.

  19. Russia will simply sell the oil at a discount to 'friendly ' countries and sell it even more at a discount to its own citizens. We the West will be on our bicycles as we won't afford to drive.

  20. And why the fcuk we should stop buying from Russia. Do the fcuking shit America Or EU gives us oil. These mf r the reasons for whole world problem. Whole world probelm is abhrmaic religion. Which is shit.

  21. But oil from Saudi Arabia is fine .
    War against Yemen for 7 years . 375000 civil people killed . And a child dies every 75 second . Thanks to US sanctions and US/UK helping Saudi Arabia whit the war . Why not 100% sanctions against Saudi Arabia, US and UK ?? Are the EU only pussys.??

  22. More oil for India for cheap. We will reach a stage where Russia will be paying India to take the oil.

  23. Russia must stop oil and natural gas right away. It don't need to wait for months, sign deals with India, China and South East nations, that replaces EU's position.
    NATO countries must face same conditions what they did to people living in countries that one they attacked.

  24. It's not the EU dictates the term but Russia. That's why Putin signed the decree. Russia would divert to Asia for its market. Chinese demand peaks to 60%, so Russia is not a loser. The devastating effect is for EU in facing Energy crisis

  25. The stubbornness of EU leaders will give them a disaster economy , price explosion and cold living condition.


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