Every US-Led Coup, Mapped

How the US Controlled the World
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The US perfected the art of the coup to push out leaders it didn’t like and install leaders it did. In this story I go through some of the major US-led coups to explore how the US rose to power and stayed there.

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Comment (28)

  1. Johnny, problem with the Vietnam coup. You make it seem like the US instigated the coup of Diem and Nhu but leave out the fact that: Diem had been oppressing liberties so much in South Vietnam that it was under martial law, Diem had cut off communications for Americans in country, the generals went to the US first, and even the JFK administration was fractured on whether or not to approve the coup. More prominent coups in South Vietnam to cover would be the number of coups that the Americans approved after the fiasco caused by the Diem coup. What happened with Diem and Nhu in South Vietnam was one of the rare justified coups, as Diem had stabbed America in the back first.

  2. Yeah. So on the one hand – there's the force that is the former USSR – current Putin's Russia – where people get openly killed, poisoned, thrown into prison and simply fall off from roofs (not even talking about the baseless massacre in Ukraine because Putinboy fancied himself a new island or a new seaport) – and on the other hand there is a country whose journalists can speak – and turn the society's attention – to whatever issue they feel like. I think I know which side I'm on. Greetings from Latvia.

  3. If it hadn't been the US doing these things, it would have been someone else. That's kind of a sad reality. Most of these places were essentially ripe for the picking and the US just happened to be the first one to take advantage.
    All that said, I really wish the US would stay out of everyone else's affairs and let people figure out their own shit for a change. I don't see the US as the world police and nobody else should either. Along those lines, it's not that anyone should worry that the US sees itself that way, it's that many other countries see the US that way and want it that way. I'm tired of pouring money into other places when we have our own problems right here in our own yard.


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