'Everything in Mariupol is complicated and chaotic,' says Kyiv | International News | WION

Russia has declared control over the city of Mariupol in Ukraine and this means that the fate of nearly about 100,000 civilians who are trapped in the southern port city actually lies in the hands of the Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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Comment (23)

  1. Are u people dumb, Russia has control of muripol, they have sealed off the azovstal steel factory, so they will either starve to death or surrender, Russia could easily bomb the factory but instead the chose to keep it meaning they see use for it, they have control of the donbass region and will only advance more because the idiots running the kyiv government are fools, making a deal was the best way to end this conflict, I directly stated that Russia would take far more if they did not sign agreement, now see that's exactly what's happening

  2. Patrick Lancaster and others are on the ground and are independent journalists; they are there today. So, it is not true that independent journalists cannot get through; the mainstream media do not want to get through is more accurate. Because it would destroy their perverted narrative. I base what I conclude on someone actually on the ground at the frontline; not an individual on a hotel balcony in Riga, Latvia regurgitating a predictable narrative.

    Yeah, there may be 100,00 civilians in Mariupol, however, ninety percent despise the Mayor and Kyiv officials. Moreover, Russia has been and is there supplying humanitarian aid, emergency medical aid, rescue operations, and evacuation assistance. They must work around and kill-off Ukrainian snipers as they do it. It makes things go significantly slower than desired. The Ukrainian government and military, including its mayor and Zelinsky, are by far more of a threat to these Mariupol civilians than the Russian, DPR, or Chechen troops ever were.

    Anything Biden states in terms of foreign policy is usually the opposite of reality. Have we forgotten Afghanistan so readily? Biden has a political history of nearly half a century of being wrong on such issues and inventing his own realities. If Biden says he will not send troops to Ukraine, then troops will be sent to die by the thousands in Ukraine. If Biden thinks the Russians do not control Mariupol, then Russia is in control. One could well consider Joe Biden the American version of Neville Chamberlain. He will grossly miscalculate Russia.

    The reason Russia does not destroy the remaining Azov Nazi Battalion in the Azovstal Steel Plant is that civilians were or are being held inside the plant as human shields. They try as much as possible to not involve civilians. It cannot be guaranteed during active fighting; especially when Ukraine's forces hide and fire on Russia and civilians from residential locations, or kidnap them to negotiate. And no it is not zapping Russia's ability to deal with Donechchyna. In fact, most of the resources from Mariupol are en route to that region. The people living there love Russia, and they will help Russia; they do not like America or Ukraine's current government. Russia has not unleashed its full capability.

  3. HAHAHAHAHA Let them starve they have no hope for resupply its silly season in the Pentagon if they think a breakout is possible, its fanciful ill say that much. The nearest Ukrainian lines is over 90 kilometers way, They are cooked no help no nothing. AZOZ Nazi scum is finished there no more terror on Russian speaking people.

  4. Ukrain has the same blood like the west – US and NATO … double standards. force civilains to fight, then beg for a humanitarian corridor for these civilains turned terrorists to go back…

  5. Thank you Russia for not smoking or watering the AZOVTAL PLANT your kindness will be rewarded by God.

  6. More is expected from the anchor and the expert in their knowledge and assessment. We, the viewers feel, we know better than them, because we check all the sources. Mariupol was captured more than 4 days ago. All Ukrainian resistance in Mariupol has collapsed. More than a thousand Ukrainian soldiers have surrendered. Ukrainian civilians have been allowed to travel west so that they can flee to Europe.
    Only the Azotal steel plant is left. The Ukrainians are hiding there along with mercenaries from USA, NATO, UK, and France. There are many British and American soldiers. Two British soldiers had already been captured and shown to be pleading for their lives. The fate of those inside the steel plant is very tragic. They have no way to escape and the Russians are in no hurry to attack them. Sooner or later they will have to come out or blow themselves up. No other alternative.
    In the Donbass, Russian troops are increasing in number. The Ukrainians are cut off. They have been asked to surrender. This may be the last major conflict in the east. The next target is Odessa. Kyiv will be last on the list.

  7. Western terrorists have been blocked in Azovstal and Putin made cleaver decision not to play western games just block Azovstal so even fly could not pass,
    As you see terrorist US and it’s poppets NATO got worried that their war criminals, cock suckers can’t escape and it’s big worry to west how they going to push their gay democracy while gay democracy generals busy bumbing each other in Azovstal.

  8. They are trapped because the Ukrainians using them as human shields, prevented them leaving holding the guns to their heads. Russia was too soft to prevent civilian casualties but if they attack Russian forces from their hideouts, Russians have had no choice but to retaliate. Russia cannot be blamed if civilians caught in-between and faced death who were there as human shields by the Ukrainians. Anyway Putin decimate all of them.

  9. Lets be frank, the Ukrainian commander on the ground who decided to fall back and go to the tunnels should be relieved of duty..and possibly be brought up on War crimes. When Ukraine failed to break out from the encirclement more then a week ago, these beseiged should have surrendered with THE OTHER 1000+ Ukrainians that did capitulate. The suffering of children & the elderly falls squarely on that Ukrainian commander's shoulders since.

  10. President Putin corrupted his constitutional presidential power into absolute dictatorial power. In turn, his absolute power has absolutely corrupted his brain! There is no other explanation for his insane obsession with resurrecting the long-dead Soviet empire and his genocidal invasion of the sovereign, democratic, peaceful, nation of Ukraine!


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