Examine the condition of your heart, Is it wicked?

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  1. "Only, be very much on guard to do the commandments and the Torah which Moses the servant of YAHWEH commanded you, to love YAHWEH your Elohim, and to walk in all His ways, and to keep His commandments, and to cleave to Him, and to serve Him with all your HEART and with all your soul."

    Yahoshua 22:5

  2. Hello i have been flowing u guys show. I have 1 question. Can you tell me were in the BIBLE I CAN FIND STUDY TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED, COULD YOU BE SO KIND AND TELL ME WERE TO FIND IT ( PLEASE) Shalom

  3. Thank you so much for this inspiring and uplifting Shabbath class Yahu and Deborah Yah. About the issues you've been having with your bell peppers, you'll want to look into getting your soil tested, because it's likely there's an imbalance in the soil's pH levels and that that's why you've been having difficulties. Here's the link to a website where you can look into the necessary measures for soil testing.

  4. The "heart" is The The Throne of The Most High Power" it has (4) chambers that are "encased" by (24) ribs, who are the elders[our teachers] therefore, truth is within us, as well as His Spirits… thoughts outside of us[in this world] has evil thoughts, and can be taken in if allowed, to corrupt the heart through the ways of this world. This is why we are told, "be not conformed to the ways of this world" in otherwords, by believing and getting comfortable in it, and not that of the "heart"….The Throne of Our Framer and Shaper, Our Father, Our Creator of ALL creations and existence, period… ๐Ÿ˜Š

  5. I needed that last part about fellowshipping with people who bring sorrow and negativity. I was feeling obligated to deal with a certain individual.. it's so bad that we get kicked out of public places and even had a police escort one of the times… thank you for this word.

  6. I thank Yah for such sound Doctrine and wisdom I see in you both. You are like A YouTube mother and father to me. I GREATLY ADMIRE YOUR WISDOM YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH U JUST HELPED ME.

  7. For those with Stockholm syndrome that comment was made before I observed the video and realized what's taking place

  8. Haven't been receiving some of the Sabbath lessons to my alert. No alert for 8-5-17. This happens from time to time beautiful music shabbat Shalom.

  9. Shalom" brothers and sisters in YAH. I really enjoy your teachings, it has helped me in my walk with the most high.
    I pray for my other brothers and sisters to awake and come to the light before the doors close . I say this with love because, Our father loves us and has extended time, and sent forth watchman to warn us of his coming, I would like to Thank You brother for the word..

  10. "Greetings" to the watchmen on this video.I would like to thank you and your lovely wife for the word love you.keep teaching us and filling us with the word. Thank You YAH…

  11. Shaloam Yes I thank HIM for being our GOD. May HE Bless us to know HIM and to Keep HIS Commandments, Forever! We accept HIS Word; and we pray that we may be "In HIM, (HIS Spirit) we do Trust, Always!

  12. Some say christian is a faith base and is not of works. Jews are of works and faith. Let me ask you one thing, can works be faith? Denying the flesh of its wants because you believe (have faith) in the lord? If you go by just faith and no works and you die and meet the Almighty and Jesus, can you imagine the dialog. Almighty: "You know my laws and statutes yet because of faith, you spit them back into my face. BEGONE FROM ME." You:( Look to The Son) The Son: "Never knew ye". You: "What did I get wrong" Almighty: "If you know my laws and statutes, then do my laws and statutes." The Son: "I help those that have faith in me with all their heart. Those that do the works of my father and deny the wants of the flesh because they have faith. I will go before my father and vouch for him that made mistakes." You: "But…" Almighty: "BEGONE" You:(poof)
    I believe this would be close to the dialog. Not exactly but close. I have my own sins to beg for. Works are apart of faith. Do not be stumbling block for others. I pray I am also not a stumbling block for others. Repent, fast, and weep for sins you know and sins you do not know you committed, even if the end is tomorrow or hundreds of years from now , for it is faith. Amen

  13. Since trump been president i have been into politics like no other. It surprises people i know. And ive learn a lot as far as myself and my background๐Ÿ‘‘. But i hate white people. I have a white person i know that im cool with she is a nice lady but i really dont like them. I feel bad bout it sometimes

  14. I am sex free for going on 4 yrs and im not bothered by it. Im actually just fine. Happy. I think its Yah wanting me to be with Him

  15. yes there it is! 36:53 thank you for all the videos and the help i had been searching for for awhile. YES! You had my attention awhile back.

  16. HAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEELLLLLLLLLLUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU YAH, Dearest Brother and Sister… All Praises to THE MOST HIGH for Blessing US with this TRUTH through these two faithful witnesses, and expounding of YOUR WORD, in these very Deceptively perilous times… I personally agree wholeheartedly that EPHESIANS 5:11 applies to even family members in a REPROBATE state of everything… Not that I wavered in my belief, especially when they profess being believers of THE WORD but Refuse to adhere to Anything in it, let alone study it, against mans customary ways that seem right. YESHUA tells us in Luke 14:26, we are not to forsake our obedience to HIM for our love for closest kin… Yet still it's somehow good to hear from the mouths of other witnesses… Also I love the ''Thank Ya' praise and worship. Where can I get a copy of the song/rap ''WE ARE IS-RA-EL" , that came on at the end of Whited out ??? I thank you again, and I LOVE YOU both dearly, SHALOM!

  17. The first video I watching it was during my recovery from Liver transplant in April 08 2017, 2019 was the first time I didn't celebrate Christmas and the other pagan holidays. Keep myself in your prayers.

  18. It really has helped me! Thank you! I had to get my sons ๐Ÿ‘ง out of my home! I had to repent for letting them fornicate in my home! I repent of my sins! I have known Yah since 9 years old! I was baptized in the Christian church! Do I have ti be rebaptized


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