Expanding problem of space debris: What is space junk? Why is it a problem? | World News

Space junk as they are called has become a new concern for space agencies. Astronauts on the International Space Station carry out an avoidance maneuver to not get hit by a piece of debris floating in zero gravity, here’s a short illustration on how the so-called space junk is formed, take a look.

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  1. Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. I am your sister from Syria. I live in camps in the north of Syria. I complain of my worries and sorrows to God and then to the righteous servants of God. I have orphaned children.

  2. That should have been a concern for them when they made their first successful rocket launch into space 50 something years ago, Not now.

  3. Continue testing equipment for atmospheric maneuverability. Then make a drone to try to clean it up. Then when its fuel supply is low or is filled up crash it in a deserted area so the metal can be scrapped or studied.

  4. The solution is: Go to admin panel, set debris to minimum or better, to zero. (KSP Kerbal Space Program, simulation game).

  5. That is going to be the fireballs after the Fireball. Revelation 8. Believe it or not, this is where we are in the Bible.

  6. " Space junk is a direct link to so called global warming with radical weather related events that are causing temperatures swings and a abnormal rotation of the wooble of the moon " .

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  8. That is the damn human behavior, everywhere they go the first thing the human do is destroying the invironment. And the sad thing is that they justify with the garbage of " all for the well being of humanity".

  9. May be we should leave more debris around all the planets so that alien will know negligent human race lives in some planet who wont keep anything clean.


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