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Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

Let your speech be alway with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man. Col 4:6

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  1. Whats funny is that the bible never teaches any of this. So how can you believe something that is not there? Jesus forgave sin, accepted worship, did miracles, ressurected the dead, silenced the storm n calmed the seas. He said "I Am the Way The Truth n The Life " That's not just a man smh Oohh Mormons believe God has many wives why would God need wives he all self sufficient we need wives just another twist of msn bringing God down to our level of thought. Thsts called projecting that is a God of your mind not "The one true God" The black skin curse killed me i can't. ha! ha! y'all do know these are all written waaaay after the bible was created right???? Cults

  2. I used to be a Jehovah’s Witness for 20 something years. Ended up disfellowshipped 5/6 years ago due to having a baby before marriage. I was excommunicated from family and friends I had known for 26 years! It felt like the rug got pulled from underneath me. I went through so much cognitive disconnence when I left. I started doing new age because I knew Jesus (of whom all I knew was Gods son) wasn’t the type of guy I wanted to worship due to how I was excommunicated while pregnant. I started drawing third eye on my poetry but still couldn’t get the answer as to why blacks were slaves for 400 years. Then, one day I watched a video on YouTube about Deut chap 28. From there I watched Pastor Stephen Darby and started putting scriptures precept upon precept together. I read how Hagar was treated when she wanted to leave because of how she was treated and Yah heard the babies cry. I knew he heard my daughters cry from how I had been treated and how I wanted to give up. He answered our cry with giving him another try. One that was away from the Kingdom Hall, one that was away from what my elder father taught me, one that was away from the noise of religion, and to truly have a relationship with him. He answered my prayer! Now my daughter at age 5 evangelizes at school lol literally she will tell me when I pick her up from school who knows Jesus (Yeshua is hard for her to pronounce) and who doesn’t. I don’t tell her to ask she does this on her own. She told me a couple weeks ago when it was super windy in Cali that the wind was Jesus coming. I said why you say that? She said she hears him in the wind. It made me think of Nicodemus and when Yeshua explained to him the spirit was like the wind we don’t know where it comes or goes. Yet we believe. I’m so grateful he didn’t let me go. I’m grateful he gave me the answer to slavery that I had since age 12 listening to my Grandfather a navy veteran tell me stories about the racism he experienced growing up in Georgia. He told me he wouldn’t forsake me and frankly If I hadn’t been excommunicated I might have not known who he really was. Selah

    *Edit: this video ( was the first one I watched on who the true Hebrews were. I thought I give a shoutout and credit where credit is due!

  3. I don't think that first cartoon is an actual JW cartoon- can you reference the source/ looks like a cartoon someone made about JW's not an actual legit cartoon from the org. I was raised a witness and am pretty familiar with most material. Is that a moron cartoon of what JWs believe? I've never found any information where Charles Tase Russell claimed to be a freemason – can you reply with reference info– would appreciate much. The JWs don't use the cross and crown – haven't since they stopped celebrating Christmas 1920s or even be fair JWs became JWs after Taze Russell passed away- before that they were what most of us are bible students seeking truth

  4. The Mormons and the JW's are on some heavy dope. I get white supremacy. But you would have to be out of your mind to follow these doctrines. You can tell they read the Bible with a lot of thought. And they knew they had no part in it other than their destruction. Even back then. So these devils desperately devised a way to make it appear as reality to their people. And if any person of the tribes are following any of these doctrines. you are truly in the valley of the dead. I will not be angry with any of them. But I do see how this drug of Christianity. No matter what form it is given to one. Surely makes a person lose their sense of being. All praises to the Most High that we are able to read and discern the scriptures today in truth and sincerity. And the reason we know they are our records and are the truth. Being, we have done none of what these others have done. We have neither added or taken away from the Word(scriptures) Seeing that these antichrist have done. So brothers and Sisters. the conclusion of the whole matter is evident. Keep the commandments and live. The wait is not that long.

  5. From 12 to about 23 I was involved with JW and upon leaving that doctrine and researching the origins of the Bible I had a explosion of anger to realize I was brainwashed. My mother and my dearly departed Grandmother are deeply involved with this religion

  6. I won't lie…these cartoons are so stupid looking it had me goes hand in hand with their backwards doctrine they pulled right outta their @$$. One of my friends growing up was a mormon. I attended one of their assemblies a few times to see what they were about…I didnt like it. It is too……weird..know what I know now, I was in a den full of poisonous vipers😡

  7. My grandmother is a Jehovah Witness. My mother and I have been trying to wake up her for the longest and nothing has worked. Anytime we pose a question to my grandma, to get her to critical think or ask her a question about the Bible that she should know, since she been supposedly β€œstudying” for so long. She can never answer it and always refers us to go to smh. OR she gets angry. She always talking about how β€œwe need to pick a religion”. We keep telling her you don’t have to be in a religion to serve TMH. You need to read his word daily , meditate on his WORD, pray and converse with him, build a relationship with him and live in a way that pleases him by following his commandments. It’s really sad how far she is in that cult that she can’t see she’s in one. I just tell my mother to keep praying for her. Pray that her eyes will opened and pray that TMH soften her heart that she would be receptive to listen AND above all else pray that the Father’s WILL be done. We’ve already planted the seed there’s nothing else we can do for her. It’s on her to wake up.

  8. Read the book compared to our stuff apocryphal and canon multiple times through.

    It's a literary waste of time.

    Though I do believe joseph smith saw stuff, just not stuff from TMH, he was known for his tall tales after all…

  9. This completely blasphemous in its ugliest form. They skipped right over the part that said leprosy is when the skin turns white as snow and you become unclean! I live in Utah so now I get why I get those long hard stares….

  10. The lies!!!!!!!!!!! Why is everyone white? That's how u know its Bs that some weird person made up. Haven't our history been screwed up enough already? All these stories and lies are believed only by a certain kinda and its not US that believe it. Try harder plz cuz this is sickening how y'all play about those who has the true power of this universe.


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