Exposed: The Sorcery of "TOMORROWORLD" Georgia (R$E) Illuminati Witchcraft – Transhumanism Agenda

This is a backup (mirror) from Round SaturnsEye (R$E)… for more of his incredible videos check out his YouTube channels!!
Illuminati Occult Witchcraft, manipulation of energy at Tomorroworld 2014 in Georgia that took place several days ago. Ironically coinciding with the strange goings on with the Georgia guidestones.
Georgia Guidestones story:

This is a great video covering a lot of the hidden agenda and symbolism used in this huge electronic music festivals.. They are in fact, used as energy harvesting festivals. Keep watching other videos that researchers have put together with the truth behind Satan’s great deception that has been pulled over our spiritual eyes. He has fooled us in every aspect of our lives.. Learn how!! Never Stop Digging for the Truth! God bless!

Check out other videos on other playlists too for more crazy realizations about the truth!!!! Thank you very much, RoundSaturns Eye, for all of your great work! Everyone should feel free to check out my recommended channels tab for all of these great researchers!!
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  1. Damn man, you're just too paranoîd! Go eat an apple, destress yourself and learn what an edm party is! Whatever, keep believe in those bullshits if you want to, it's not my problem…

  2. This is BLATANT Luciferian conditioning. It isn't being touted as Satanic, and it probably shouldn't be. When people say "Satanic" many roll their eyes, because they think of a red faced demon with a cape, pitchfork, evil laugh and flames. But that's NOT how Lucifer will appear. He will appear as a kind, gentle, very good looking personage that will promise "love" "unity", etc.


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