Exposing My Husband Watchman

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  1. Recently married in Yah, and I now understand when my wife speaks I ACT, WOMEN SEE THINGS MEN DONT# COLORODO ASSEMBLY

  2. I hope you will not cut anything out because it’s considered real and in relationships these things will always come up in one form or another and watchmen be careful no freak accidents please 👩🏾

  3. Sister Deborah thank you for sharing this with all the people who love you and your family!! Please let Brother Watchman know that we want him to be very careful and mindful and to listen to you, because we want him in our lives and doing the work that The Most High has assigned him to do for a very long time!! Shalom!!

  4. I saw a video of the Watchman the other day and I thought to myself, his wife takes good care of him. His face was reflecting the light with a very healthy glow and he is so healthy. He should heed her advice to be careful, because she knows what she's talking about. In his defense, calling her a Mother-Wife was like the best complements of all times. Mother-Wife trumps "queen" all day long.

  5. I appreciate the fear this woman has I feel like a lot of women should see this & the respect that her & her husband has for one another

  6. I can see the videos in my mind being made now… "Deborah Yah, usurped authority over her husband & told him not to do a man's work." "She's a wicked woman." Meanwhile you both are laughing & happy!

  7. 🙌🏾Grant Us Repentance so that we may stand O YaH!
    🙏🏾Thank you Momma D for the encouragement. YaH bless you and @WatchmanReports

  8. What if they(men) think they know it all and you giving talk or advice 🤔 and they don't wanna hear it but later comes find out the wife was telling you the truth before things happen and he didn't wanna listen🤷🏽😂 I can see things or know it before it happens💁🏾😂

  9. You go 'head Sister Deborah! You tell Watchman that you do this because you love him and your wonderful family. I also believe that you do it because you know how we (his other family) love, need, and appreciate that gift that he is to all of us. Keep it up sis!

  10. Laughter is good for the soul! ☺ I PRAY YAH Protection be with you'll! We all need you….Remember you are the Watchman and so we watching out for you! Well done MotherWife! 💖

  11. Greetings, DebrorahYah. My ex-husband's mother used to call her husband daddy. She always had a sense of humor. She died this past spring.

    Please watch this when time permits. Seiji Hito has been covering human trafficking lately. I will warn you. This video has bloodcurdling screaming. The video is from someone's home security camera.


    Seiji put out one video yesterday that was alarming as well regarding a Lyft driver. He is attempting to keep his viewers updated on these situations.

    I am elated how Black YouTubers have specific topics they discuss. This must be divine work in operation.

  12. I got a real laugh from this because yours and my husband have something in common. They both fell from the roof of the house and would not listen to us. I've told my husband things and he sometimes does and says similar things to shut me up and something will happen to him instantly after he bad mouth me like choking or tripping and falling or something like that. But why do they keep doing it their way when we can see ahead what is about to happen. Just so rebellious! LOL smh. I got a real chuckle out of this. Thank you so much for sharing!

  13. He meant mother wife in a loving way!
    I know so, because You are like the only lady I know that is not bossy or anything like that In ANY WAY!
    How do I know?
    I’m around all domineering women!
    Almost All!
    Trust guaranteed!
    Not cause I say, but because it already is (you know) A guarranteed!

    And My heart ♥️ dropped when I saw the title!
    You tend to do like doctors/lawyers and so worst case scenarios,
    To borrow my wife’s cliche

  14. Watchman, plz tk care. Don't be over confident. We need u, so also ur fly. Now, in my final stages, my Good Elohim has added me in Hebrews Congregation (only 1 group of its kind in Goa, India).I listen to ur videos intently as our ruachs match. m joyful following YAHUAH'S TORAH. Let our Good Adonai bless the work u r doing for His glory.

  15. Watchman please just be couscous of your surrounding , when you are working . we need you as healthy as todays Yah 's will. Patricia


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