Factorio 0.14 Space-X Mod, Ep 2: Nanobots… Almost – Let's Play, Gameplay

I’m curious about the Space Extension mod! Join me as I explore this mod that extends end-game significantly, and demands constant production!

Mod List
Angel’s Infinite Ores
Auto Stock
Copy Paste Multiplier
Explosive Termintes
KatherineOfSky Lights
Long Reach
More Colours
Pavement Drive Assist
radarplus for rso
Rail Tanker
RSO – Resource Overhaul Spawner
Space Extension Mod
Squeak Through
Upgrade Planner
What Is It Used For?

Modpack download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BwVHGs2mds_XR0k4WTUtQnVMczQ

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgiFJF0Ohpw&list=PL4o6UvJIdPNquosPGjHdwXZj22vXAEzkw

Discord: https://discord.gg/ybyyaSE
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/KatherineOfSky/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KatherineOfSky
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/katherineofsky/

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Factorio Observations, Tips, Tricks & Efficiency: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=661582295
Factorio: How to Build a Main Bus: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=754378586

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Factorio, by Wube, is a game in which you build and maintain factories. You will be mining resources, researching technologies, building infrastructure, automating production and fighting enemies. In the beginning you will find yourself chopping trees, mining ores and crafting mechanical arms and transport belts by hand, but in short time you can become an industrial powerhouse, with huge solar fields, oil refining and cracking, manufacture and deployment of construction and logistic robots, all for your resource needs. However this heavy exploitation of the planet’s resources does not sit nicely with the locals, so you will have to be prepared to defend yourself and your machine empire.

Join forces with other players in cooperative Multiplayer, create huge factories, collaborate and delegate tasks between you and your friends. Add mods to increase your enjoyment, from small tweak and helper mods to complete game overhauls, Factorio’s ground-up Modding support has allowed content creators from around the world to design interesting and innovative features. While the core gameplay is in the form of the freeplay scenario, there are a range of interesting challenges in the form of the Scenario pack, available as free DLC. If you don’t find any maps or scenarios you enjoy, you can create your own with the in-game Map Editor, place down entities, enemies, and terrain in any way you like, and even add your own custom script to make for interesting gameplay.

Factorio’s Official Website: http://factorio.com/
Factorio Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/427520/

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Comment (19)

  1. Wow, you are fast. I usualy end up making everything electric at the begining(with one burner mining drill XD), and using only one lab, so I can focus with my personal war with biters.

  2. +KatherineOfSky Research Revolution mod might be cool if you want to try something new on the research side (can toggle it after game start I believe) it just changes the research to ~ 0.15.

    I have been trying it out for a month and it's a nice change from vanilla 🙂

    Thanks for the series Katherine!


  3. a couple months back, my computer died on me. I will be replacing it later this month, and thanks to you I will be reinstalling factorio first thing. Thank you so much for your content 🙂

  4. Help! I want to take step into a little more than vanilla, I ve downloaded Bobs library, and the inserter mod, but with so many bobs titles didn't know which ones to DL, can you help, and if not bobs any other mods for a more in depth experience but not nuts like Angel…..thanks!

  5. Yes, interesting, I was trying out the explosive termites, and then I went: NOOOOooooooOoo!!!! I need this forest… well…. 😐 but it was cool to look at.

  6. automating nano bots is awesome. i normally get termite and construction automated early. the mod is a great help especially since i have research revolution, which makes getting normal bots a lot harder.


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