Facts: What They Don't Tell You About | Agenda 21 | April 2020 | 2020 April | Urdu | Hindi

#Agenda21 #Whattheydonttellyouabout #April2020

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  1. Assalamualaikum.ye sab inke ajende he inki khowish he .Allah inko control Kar raha he .is liye ham inke mustqbil me kamyab hone ka bilkul yaqin nahi rakhte.bas Allah se Dua he ke hame Aur hamari naslon ko pure dunya par islami nijam qaim Karne Aur shaitani nijam khatm karne ke liye qabool kare.Ameen.summ ameen.

  2. My mother is 80 plus and she is bed ridden and she is in seviour ailing condition in many ways like mentaly and physically, in 2020 she even cant move cant eat cant take care of her wash room needs, she forgot every thing and had very poor memory and low consciousness level, she is helpless but I'm only one of her child who is taking care of her, my brother and sisters adviced me to admit her in old age home, but I refused strictly, 24 hours I'm with her and taking care of my mother like a baby and of course with a good medical care, even we are not much financially in good position, I do for her what ever I can, i hug her kiss her many times a day, believe me I'm blessed by God that God choosed me to take care of my mother amongst her 4 children who donot care for her even dont want her to visit in their homes, now she is recovering and atleast can walk with walker ,she laughs making jokes and 80% mentaly physicaly normal,
    I will be with my mother till my death,

  3. कोरोना ही वहीं कारण बनेगा जो मानवों कि उम्र 30 तक सीमित कर देगा।


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