Falklands War 1982 DOCUMENTARY

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Our animated historical documentary series on modern warfare continues with a video on the Falklands war of 1982. During this conflict, the forces of the United Kingdom and Argentine fought over the islands called Falklands or the Malvinas. Although the conflict was limited, it influenced the political fates of both countries.

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  1. The model of the ARA General Belgrano used (from 06:07 on) is inaccurate – it was a Brooklyn-class light cruiser (originally USS Phoenix), with two funnels, five triple 6-inch gun turrets (three forward and two aft), and a much shorter bridge stack. The model appears to be of a late Cold War or modern destroyer or frigate, with only two single turrets forward, a thick foremast or bridge tower, a single squat funnel, and what appears to be a helipad aft. (EDIT: I think it might be a British Type 21 Frigate, since the same model is also used for British ships.)

  2. Although it was known that Britain had some U.S. help, including use of the American air base on Ascension Island, the extent of U.S. military aid during the Falklands war has been a secret. Lehman is the first senior U.S. official to state that the Pentagon's supplies were so great as to have been decisive.

    The BBC said American sources revealed that U.S. aid to Britain during the war included 200 Sidewinder anti-aircraft missiles, eight Stinger anti-aircraft systems, Vulcan air defense systems, Harpoon anti-ship missiles, mortar shells, satellite intelligence, communications facilities and the use of the American air base on Ascension Island.

    'In my judgment, the outcome would have been very different if it weren't for the support and the flow of intelligence, of logistics, of technical support, of communications and of things like Sidewinders from the United States to the Royal Navy,' Lehman said in the interview.

  3. It's funny that they thought that the UK would be unwilling to enter a conflict so far away from Britain….

    What the people who conquered most of the world…..sure

  4. I am from Perú I had the Racso and T-Rex atomic bomb user I used to watch videos of military themes
    The Peruvian government, the armed forces of Peru and the Peruvian people must pressure Pedro Castillo to apologize to England for saying in the UN that the Malvinas are Argentine Peru must be neutral and never again get involved in the Malvinas conflict, because I will tell you this that surprised everyone the Englishman Martin George Guisse was born in Gloucestershire England,
    a family of the local nobility was the son
    of Lady Elizabeth Wright and Sir John Guisse first baronet, the Englishman Martin George Guisse was the first founder of the Peruvian Navy and, in December 1821, he was decorated by San Martín with the brand new Order of the Sun, along with other Englishmen such as Guillermo Miller, Robert Forster and Diego Paroissien, the English Guisse rose through the ranks to officer in the British Royal Navy, where he served during the Napoleonic wars, once the war in Europe was over, he resigned from the British navy and bought his own ship to depart for Latin America and take part in the wars of independence,
    Guisse's great-grandson is the Peruvian aviator hero Jorge Chavez,
    After having settled in our national territory, San Martín appointed him rear admiral of the newly created Peruvian navy and he participated in the blockade of the port of Callao, until it was interrupted by a Spanish naval expedition, after this confrontation was unfinished he decided to go to Guayaquil where, after the war broke out with Gran Colombia, he fought and took the port of Guayaquil, but at the price of his life. He died in Guayaquil one night on November 23, 1828, his body was
    taken to Callao in Peru, in case of war England against some other country the Peruvian government and Peruvian president must support England and deliver heavy war material,
    give fighter jets and send Peruvian soldiers to the English armed forces in gratitude to England because England financed the independence and liberation of Peru, the British also helped the Argentine José de San Martín, the English founded everything in Peru cities, companies, banks ,
    freemasonry, inka kola drink, they made soccer popular in Peru, schools,
    and many more things, etc. the Peruvian people must apologize to England and to the English people we are in time to strengthen the economic and military alliance, without England Peru would not exist and neither would the Peruvians exist, without the English we are nothing, without England Peru would continue to be a colony of Spain, thank you England for financing and liberating Peru in its independence, England, English people, José de San Martín Argentine people will continue to be the liberators of Peru today and always
    Greetings from Perú Lima!

  5. The Black Buck missions didn't stop Argentina from utilising the small field at Stanley. They did impress the hell out of everyone in the region. There was almost a sense of awe when a Vulcan bomber (with damaged refuelling probe) made an emergency arrival in neutral Brazil – as with anyone who observed those great machines of war close at hand.

  6. Looking far back now into the history of this conflict, I can draw many similarities between then and now as a time of waning military strength and the lack of political will by the national government of British. The question is “how capable will they be against the Russians in Ukraine when the time comes to fight?”

  7. Neutral Perú
    I am a Peruvian pro-British English and pro-Argentine, that is, I support England, the United Kingdom and Argentina in the event of a war against another enemy country,
    Peru used British military weapons in the armed conflict of Cenepa, we used British Canberra fighter-bombers. It should be noted that Peru shot down 7 aircraft to Ecuador and Ecuador shot down 6 aircraft to Peru, but Peru won because we Peruvians stayed with Tiwintza territory, the British English
    Martin George Guisse was the founder of the Peruvian Navy with Jose de San Martin, the Englishman George Guisse fought against France, he also fought against Napoleon Bonaparte and later fought against the Spanish, the Englishman William Guillermo Miller was the designer of the Peruvian military uniform of what is now the Army of Peru, Miller helped José de San Martín to liberate Peru in its independence, Peru has a lot of influence, English doctrine and tradition, British Miller fought in the battle of Waterloo, and also the English Guillermo Miller fought in the battle of Junín and Ayacucho, which were very important battles for the independence of Peru, here in Peru there are always magazines and a lot of information saying that the English empire supported Peru to free itself from the Spanish empire, that is, it is obvious that the Peruvians are being programmed so that in the future they recognize and accept England as the Liberator of Peru because if not in Peru they would not be putting much information about e this and they would say that independence was bought, which is not the case, it is already proven that
    England and the English did many things for Peru, although
    Jose de San Martin and Simon Bolivar
    they are the liberators of Peru, England would be the new and third liberator of Peru in the future,
    Although it is true that Peru and England are enemies, I say this because the English, the Falklands War, the Pacific War and the Pacocha battle are almost always talked about.
    I am Peruvian, this is the user Racso Atomic Bomb and T-Rex, now I have this user, the government of Peru I believe that in the year 1975 to 1978, the Peruvian government wanted to acquire an aircraft carrier from England when Peru could have declared war on Chile , the English government had no impediment and the English said that if they could sell the aircraft carrier to Peru, Peru had the English Canberra fighter-bombers and the Hawk Hunter to attack Chile, the English demonstrated once again
    that Peru and England are allies the mistake came later with Belaunde Terry who put Peru in Malvinas which Peru should have been neutral to improve the military alliance between Peru and England
    Belaunde Terry's government must have
    send to England and Argentina humanitarian aid just to demonstrate the neutrality of Peru.
    Peru must be neutral and never get involved in the Malvinas conflict again
    In the Pacific War and the Malvinas War and the alleged financing of England to Chile in the Pacific War, many years will pass and the myth of England financing Chile in the Pacific War will continue to be discussed, which has already been denied on Wikipedia Everyone knows this, I understand that England actually financed Peru and Chile, but the traitor Prado did not want to completely arm Peru, that is why we stopped being financed by England, in fact the Huascar ship in Peru was English, Bolivia was the only country that was not financed by the English also England retained two ships from Chile and Peru during the Pacific War, apparently England was neutral, also that Prado was of Chilean origin betrayed leaving unarmed and bankrupt
    With very little weapons, we had nothing on us. Prado fled from Peru
    The British English in Peru founded cities, banks,
    companies, schools, Inca Kola drink, they even made football popular in Peru among many other things, etc.
    The reality is that thanks to England, the United Kingdom, Peru and the Peruvians exist without England, Peru would not exist, it would continue to be a colony of Spain, this is the reality, everyone knows this, that is why England should be the new liberator of Peru, this could happen in the future who knows because the reality is that England, George Guisse, José de San Martín and Simón Bolívar could be the three liberators of Peru in the future, perhaps in a few more years England will become the new liberator of Peru and the History can be taught in schools and in all parts of Peru. To add
    In addition, the British admiral Frederick Stirling, the French Du Petit Thoars, the Italian commander Labrano, as well as the ministers plenipotentiary of Great Britain and France, intervened to prevent Lima from being violently taken. You can see another support from England to Peru, in addition to Englishmen, Englishmen and Italians fought against Chilean soldiers in Lima, one or more Englishmen died in real combat and also Italians died in combat, also English sailors and Italian sailors landed due to the obvious attack Chilean. occupation in Lima, I understand that in the battle of San Juan and Chorrillos Peru they used British Nordenfelt machine guns,
    In addition, everything is interests, in any case England and the English
    they also supported Peru in the Pacific War. A considerable part of the crew of the Peruvian Huáscar monitor was British, 170 crew members, 30 were British English sailors. The Huáscar monitor of English-British origin with 4 English Blakely cannons was the ship of the Peruvian hero Miguel Grau Seminario that sank the Esmeralda corvette of the Chilean hero Arturo Prat Chacón in the naval combat of Iquique. To clarify, the Peruvian hero Miguel Grau and the English sailors fought against the Chilean sailors at sea, I also understand that there were spies on the high seas, England and France spied on Chile, that is, the English and French also supported Peru but they also supported Chile, there was neutrality on the part of Great Britain and France, in addition Chile burned down Chorrillos and Barranco soldiers from Chile robbed and murdered the Peruvian people also the Chilean soldiers murdered English, British and Italians for the English and Italian colony that exists in Peru, also the Chilean soldiers burned the house of the British ambassador, even the Chilean soldiers shot the English frigate captain William Acland three times and stole his saddlebags,
    the British English Brenton supported Peru, now that said, the only way for Peru to be an ally of England, the United Kingdom is for Peru to accept England as the third liberator of Peru because, as I mentioned, Peru recognizes and accepts
    that British Empire, Great Britain
    financed, helped liberate Peru in its independence, that is to say that it is clear that they do not say they paid or we paid the British Empire for the independence of Peru, no, here in Peru, the Peruvians recognize that England financed and liberated Peru, me
    I agree and I am sure many Peruvians more than England will become the new and third liberator of Peru, Peru will also support England in a war by giving away fighter planes,
    heavy war material and send Peruvian soldiers to join the British armed forces in gratitude to England because, as I said in previous comments, the British have done many things for Peru. My respects to the British and Argentines who fought in the Malvinas War, I respect Margaret Thatcher especially when they threatened Argentina with a nuclear attack, my respects to the British, I also agree in the event of a war between Peru and another country, attack the enemy country with a nuclear weapon and prevent a second genocide in Lima or Peru becoming a colony again,
    because it is very important to defend first of all the lives of Peruvian civilians, the economy, cities and the country. Currently Peruvian armed forces use the AWP sniper rifle in the Vraem to fight against narco-terrorists,
    Peru must arm itself and buy missiles like the war in Russia and Ukraine, the war in Syria, buy military aerial drones like the war in Armenia and secretly acquire nuclear weapons from any country in exchange for uranium or other natural resources to ensure Peruvian victory and make nuclear weapons public before or during a war Peru must buy more heavy war material from England, the United Kingdom and I also hope that Peru and England improve the military and economic alliance
    Greetings from Lima,Perú

  8. argentina learnt a valuable lesson, don't try to steal another country and you wont get your assess kicked!
    It's amazing that after argentina was soundly beaten, the excuse of, "well they were all conscripts" was rolled out. But we also remember the argentinians stating "They were fighting for granny, their moms, sone and daughters" The Falklands has only ever been argentinian twice for two months, both times when they stole it. Just imagine being soundly defeated not once but twice!

  9. Maggie and Ronnie have undeniably been the best couple that happened to the Western world in the 80's. To this day I strongly believe that Margart Tatcher had been the best leader of the world in the world ever since. The way she stood up to Argentina and the unions should be an example to the leaders around the globe for centuries to come.

  10. I love how Argentina cries that the Falklands (las Malvinas) are theirs but I enjoy the poetic justice of them being beat. They betrayed Guatemala who had a much stronger claim on British Honduras (Belize ) , they supported the UK. And a few years later they got their rear handed to them. Por mamones y que bueno que les fue mal y nunca va ser de ellos. Siempre se creen los mejores de Latino America cuando eso esta muy lejos de la realidad.


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