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  1. All praises and thanks to the most High Yah .
    Thank my brother great teaching very interesting.
    I pray that the most High Yah continues to used you to do his will.
    And may he continues to blessed your family

  2. The information is right. But the is something you missed. I'm south African.lwt me education you .is not all Israelis has being shipped to slave. The is still 100 000 of them in africa. Read you're bible nicely.

  3. Deuteronomy 28:31 means exactly what it says. The Lord took everything away from this rebellious ppl called by his Holy Name. Let's read what the Lord called our condition The Lord called it curses , colonialism is not the curses of God upon Israel You would have to present some facts that the natives Americans and Hispanics came over as slaves here in this hemisphere and every nation under the sun When it says thine ox and ass will be taken, thine means yours. Prove to me the West Indies and the Americas belong to the slavery "blacks". It didn't, it belong to Natives of that land, did not the land and resources (ox and ass) were taken from Natives? Colonialism is a curse because that verse talks about it as well as the verse about the enemy selling you food and water. Is that not a curse to the Natives, Hispanics, and West Indies? Who was the North Kingdom and where did they go? They don't fit the curses regardless of WHAT IS BEING PREACHED Hispanics did not come over in slaves ships, or native Americans, and the ppl of the West Indies from India did not come over in slave ships, provide your PROOF WHITE AMERICA. THAT BLACK PEOPLE ARE NOT THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL. ALSO LOOK UP RUSSIAN ICONS OF THE BIBLE ISRAELITES, AND YOU WILL SEE THE LIES WHITE PEOPLE ARE SPREADING ALSO GO TOO WIKIPEDIA AND FIND BLACK SKIN BIBLE PROPHETS TEACH THE REAL TRUTH. PEACE TO YOU [NEGROES ARE THE CHILDREN OF ISRAEL].

  4. The people in the ancient Hebrew Scrolls were black race. If people don't believe this, all you have to do is go to 1611 King James Version look up songs of Solomon 1:5-6/ Job 30:30 / Amos 9:7. Beware Christians you've been taught lies. Jesus supposed to be a Hebrew and the Hebrew people are black race and Jesus is white ????? Just think I'm a white Amorite blond hair blue eyed person I know this truth, Yahuah.

  5. They use to show everything that they did through television. Each global leader were united on this.cast system
    United they were Great Britain
    China.did not pull themselves up. They stole ancient information from.our ancestors as well. That's why they have destroyed history all around the 🌎

  6. I just want to say im a white christian however ive only gone to baotist churches my entire life and ive never heard of this about the jehova witness or ldr, however I assumed it was common knowledge about those two churches and also the seventh day adventists theyre all relates to practicing extrabiblical practices I more consider these things as occultism more or less did not know this, thank you for being informative and im sorry for these wicked people, also these churches id even say are related with freemason practice and also which I also consider occult.

  7. I enjoy the study but ask for the Father to give the Spirit by Christ Jesus. Being a child of Abraham is not enough without the Spirit of God, for by the Promise we can claim too the children of God. God bless by Jesus. Amen.

  8. Yep once they take the Creator away from you all you have to believe in its Man ! And they really only want just one thing from each other control, man will do anything say anything just to keep control over each other.

  9. Greetings! Many Thanks for your work!!! Referencing the presentation at (1:40-50 mins in): 'Those who are submissive shall be rewarded with new bodies, etc.' That's actually talking about getting rid of the followers and replacing them with clones. It's written as a worthy prize but far from it. Trickery in plain sight.
    Much Love. Ma'at Hotep.

  10. FYI: Canaan was never cursed. Ham was never cursed. Proverbs 26:2: …So a curse without cause does not alight." According to the Bible, a curse without a cause cannot come. Genesis 9:1 explicitly states "And God blessed Noah and his sons…" Numbers 23:8 states " How shall I curse whom God has not cursed? … So, God blessed Noah and his sons, Ham, Shem, and Japheth. Canaan had done nothing. So, God's blessing Ham means that Noah, nor any other man could curse him. Canaan had done nothing and also could NOT be cursed. Canaan exhibits no more of a curse than any of us today. Sin is still the bad boy of humanity, not what a parent or enemy or friend pronounces.

  11. Great teaching video. I put together something on my blog that speaks to this with some alternative scriptures: http://www.anthony-ewers.me/african-reset-part-one/

    I’m also now trying to figure out why Ezekiel seems to say that Israel’s origin was from the Cannanites and Hittites?

    Ezekiel 16:3 (CJB): 3 Say that Adonai Elohim is telling Yerushalayim, ‘By origin and birth you are of the land of the Kena‘ani—your father was an Emori, and your mother was a Hitti.

  12. I found your video very educational because i experienced racism so many times in my life i am originally from the north but people in the south have very different views in race as i have moved to the south and life was very different and somewhat hard from both races blacks and whites.

  13. The only false images if you all believed in a bunch of Lies the Bible says that Israelites will become a multitude of Nations all over the Earth you tell me what race of people have to become a multitude of Nations all over there read Genesis 49 said they will become a blessing to All Nations also the black I've never been a blessing to no Nation and that's a fact so all these lies you are telling you going to be cursed even more because you're lying

  14. Like what your teaching the only think I would like u to explain.
    (watchtower)what year and month was that Article publish.coz anyone can fake shit.and I would like to Present this to Jw with factual evidence with time and date if you can get back to me that would be helpful.one love in the name of YAHAWAH the most high

  15. Christian teaching is filled with lies from the pit of Hell!! Moses was a Hebrew yet white? Raised by Pharaoh's daughter yet none noticed? Yah's miracle was to turn Moses's hand white?? The truth is there, on the pages of KJV, but you MUST read it to find it!

  16. This video is all about self and righteousness and racism, God's word is straight forward in simply transparent. # 1 race isn't in the bible #2 color isn't in the bible. European called people skin colors, labelled man and man's ignorance allows this programming to call upon each other by color rather than where God identified man by the country of where they settled. Focus on God's word not what you think because blasphemy is to common in today's ministry's.Peace love and blessings to you.

  17. The book called
    White Cargo
    The USA had white slaves that were bought for money from Ireland
    To the USA,
    How come no one talks about this , suppressed history

  18. The cross is native to Americas just like swastika.. it was a tree but not a cross.. I love how the commentator explains. Most of our Bible stories are native American stories told by the black Hebrew to missionaries

  19. My white friend told me we came from a curse that's why our skin was black.. he's white with red hair and very unhygienic. I wasn't insulted though. That's what happens kids hardly pay attention in church so when they hear stories it sticks with them rather they are church like or not.


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