Family Life Series….coming soon!

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  1. Shalom family,Praise to the Most High🙏🏾🙏🏾Yes this is truly needed once we establish strong families ,we will establish strong and powerful Israel.

  2. Im in this walk alone..I have noone to congregate with until I was lead to you all that believe what I believe..My family don't want to hear it. Its nice to have equally yoke family.

  3. Love how this is on point with another teacher o watched right before this. Love all this family talk. The awakening and judgement and everything with our nation starts at home. So blessed to see us on one accord trying to help one another keep and guard or homes. Looking forward to the series. Shalom

  4. When Yah said let us make man in our image, after our likeness. The enemy had it out for A’dam and Chavvah from the beginning of the creation. He hated them because he wanted to be created in the likeness of ELOHAI’S image because he wanted to be ELOHIYM. So his vendetta was from their day one.

  5. I’m looking forward to this new family series. It’s definitely needed for our brother and sister. I’m so grateful that The Most High YAH put this on both of your hearts. May The Most High continue to bless you and your family 💕

  6. I always knew we needed Yah through the Hamashiach for soul salvation. But as you get deeper into who we are in the flesh, we need him even more. We’re not in chains anymore or a whip to our back but we need him to save us from our enemies. We own nothing, control nothing. The curses were real, as you look around the world, there’s no place to go, escape to even if we wanted to. Enemies own and control everything. We have to continue to grow, learn, and abide in Yahusha. Our spiritual salvation as well as our earthly salvation. We as a nation/Israelite need to continue to cry out to Yah, repent, grow and be led by him and look forward to our redemption and salvation. Hallelujah. May Yah continue to bless you and Dis Deborah and family.

  7. Can you guys cover Social Security Numbers. Is it wrong to get our babies am SSN. I was told that it is the mark of the beast , so I elected to not get my daughter an SSN. I'm facing some issues now, since she doesn't have one and was wanting to know the truth about it and not potentially false doctrine.

  8. I'm so ready for this family life series! I'm trying to get my family back together the way we use to be. I don't know why people think we have to have money in order to have fun.

  9. Sister Deborah in this family series, can you please discuss conception? Is it a sin to have a child through a sperm bank/surrogate/IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)? Thank you and Shalom


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