Famous Napoleonic Cavalry Charges – Poles @ Somosierra #Shorts

Napoleon turns to the Polish Light Horse to clear his path to Madrid in 1808, in what is remembered as one of the bravest cavalry charges of the conflict #shorts

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  1. I honestly wished you spoke more of this in detail, this cavalry charge is perhaps one of the greatest of the napoleonic era and shows the resilience of the Poles!

  2. Napoleón in the few years he was on spain was calm and was able to govern the country with extreme dificulty; It war his particular hell said by himself in santa elena It cost him 500.000 soldiers in Spain ; praising the spaniards for their struggle; practically unpublished statements when referring other countries the closest thing to russia to which general winter helped a lot; napoleon's first defeat in Europe was at the Battle of bailen agaisnt spanish


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