Fasting & Caloric Restriction Can DELAY Signs Of AGING

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  1. Hello from Australia, I saw something in a newsletter this morning I had to share. The article is titled A PRO-VACCINE ORGANIZATION IN KENYA WARNS THAT TETANUS VACCINES GIVEN TO MILLIONS OF YOUNG WOMEN THERE ARE SECRETLY SPIKED WITH A STERILIZATION CHEMICAL THAT CAUSES A WOMAN'S BODY TO ATTACK AND KILL HER UNBORN BABY. The article was from The Health Ranger whose website is NATURAL NEWS .COM. It was in a newsletter from a website RANGITIKEI ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH WATCH. I just had to let you know in cause some people from Kenya watch your channel or have friends or relatives there. As for all your products Brother they would cost me up to 4 times more as our dollar is so bad. At the moment I am over 30 kilos overweight and have Diabetes 2 and I am 62 years old. Yah bless you, your loved ones and fellow viewers. PS Mike Adams aka the Health Ranger is a Christian and has his own brand of videos called BRIGHTEON. Many of them are on the dangers of vaccines and he is backing the new Documentary called VAXXED 2.

  2. Thank you MOW, you know, it's just like the nations to come back around, to what YAH has said from the beginning. Who, would know better than YAH, what is best for us, after all, He created us. Jeremiah 29:11 KJV

  3. I'm working on it brother. Next step is learning how to eat and finding the right foods. Fasting has been a great weapon healing my body after many years of wear and tear. My skin is more clear and I've had young people tell me I look younger then my mid 30s age. YAH willing I'll grow stronger and more knowledgeable in this area. Shalom

  4. Comments before the video:
    Yep. The way that the American diet teaches us is that we should essentially have our digestive tract working 24/7. We do need time for the GI tract to rest and detox.

    Comments after the video:
    Yep, three meals a day like strikes again! We do have to slowly go back to our ancestral diets. Tobacco has its uses, but I don't think they're internal uses. I hear it's used to drive out subcutaneous parasites. Occasional red wine, yes. The other stuff like vodka? I see no reason to drink them at all.

  5. Our people need to be careful not to eat too many leafy green vegetables that are rich in vitamin k. Vitamin k is known to increase the formation of blood clots, which our people are more genetically predisposed to. Blood clots can lead to strokes, pulmonary embolisms, heart attack etc. Deep Vein Thrombosis aka DVT.

    Moderation is key even for vegetables. Get the nutrients you need then cut yourself off. Don't fall for the trap of over-abundantly eating them because they are low-calorie.

    Keep researching and re-searching the foods you eat and what minerals they contain, what they do, how they interact with each other, etc.

  6. Shalom and greetings in the name of the Most High YAH. Dear brother I feel the need to take this time to thank you for your willingness and love, to be able to reach out and help our people. In Gen1:29 ABBA said: I have given you every herb bearing seed, every tree, in which is the fruit of the tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for food. But if you notice brother! when we go to the market, most of these foods are seedless. we need to be very careful, and pay attention to this things. Because ABBA did not give us seedless fruits and vegetables. there is demonic spirit behind everything. even in the foods we choose to eat. Shalom…πŸ™ŒπŸ‘€πŸ™Œβ™₯️


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