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Comment (41)

  1. HALLELUJAH. Thank you brother and sister. Your wisdom is well appreciated. Now I know how to fast. All PRAISES TO OUR MIGHTY ELOHIM.

  2. ✨✨✨Hello FAMILY, shalom! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎ During this fast, if anyone needs someone to stay in contact with for accountability and for encouragement then please feel free to contact me @ That way we can keep in touch for the fast and stay on course seeking the Father for all of these purposes. Take care brothers & sisters.. hear from you soon!

  3. Wow!! From Canada with Hava. Ironically I have been fasting since 15th of this month at 0700hrs. I will end it at 1500hrs (3pm) today. I am preparing my Kodesh, and Nephesh for the Ruach Ha Kodesh to work through me. I really would like to know my next move. I am living in Canada ( by the way the Caucasians in Canada are just as racist as in The USA just more covert) and I was just wandering what if what took place now, if it had happened in the peak of the winter. We can not grow any food here it is too cold ( average of -20 Celsius bewteen the months of Dec and Feb most winters). I was born in Jamaica and you can grow anything in Jamacia the soil is very rich ( a lot of black soil great for vegetation). I have a family with two teenage girls and a son who is 12. They do not want to leave. My wife, and my children's mom has the same mentality as well. sigh. I think our people are way too comfortable ( some of us) with living among and the Gentiles. When the time is right Yahweh is going to make us leave wether we like it or not. I just have to keep fasting , praying, readiing the scriptures and wait. I really like it though how Abba Yah shuts down the sporting events. Our people especially the males like to be distracted with this. I love Lebron he does a lot for his people 41 million for schooling. However, Abba Yah makes us have no excuses now, he took the NBA, MLB, NHL and MLS away from us. All distractions averted. Baruch and Yahrusalem.

  4. HALLELUYAH! I did emailed you about this but I guess you guys are busy I didn't get a reply regarding my question!. Praise YAH for this announcement.

  5. Got it πŸ‘ i Understand. πŸ€— Eating part is no problem. Im joining the fasting and prayer. I hope we join together and do this more.

  6. I know I'm late. I want to do this but I'm pregnant .. is there anything i can fast from like certain foods or drinks ? Pls help

  7. Please keep me in your prayers
    .. someone told me I can't fast while pregnant. I thought I could fast from certain things. I really wanted to join you all I need protection going to doctors appointments with this virus going around . And other things I'm going through in my life .. trying not to be afraid. πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ˜Ÿ Please help me Yah

  8. Sister, wife of the watchman, with respect when you speak of the evil of our people, it is a reality and I pray some of them come out of it,however praying,repenting and praising Yah Shaddai our Majestic King for His Mercies. It was the ultimate True gift of Love by the way of Yahusha Ha Mashiach save us, Yisrael, His brothers and sisters that are willing to sacrifice for the reward of eternal life. I know he is a Just Elohim because we see evil people everyday and we can walk away from them,but if we don't love The Most High, we will have to be in their midst for all eternity, in sheer misery. and torment, I will be fasting with my brothers and sisters, giving His Throne my all.

  9. Good πŸŒ„ Yashiral. On the morning.of this fast.. Let us break these yokes and give Abba the praise that is due the. GREAT I AM.. πŸ’˜. In this time of Yahuah Tseboate decree and declare! Shalom. All praises to our Father

  10. Me and my family started today ,May YAHUAH allow his Rauch to fill everyone with πŸ”₯ to bring on his kingdom .Kembo , Kembo, Na Tata Nzambi Yahuah ( Glory , Glory, to the creator)

  11. I like this!!!!! For Jesus said I come for the Lost Children Of Israel. We as a ppl are missing what christ , and the Bible is really about. We need to learn to focus on ourselves as a ppl!!!! I'm all in. We need to start focusing on ourselves as a ppl. Every other race of ppl in Amerikkka know who they are, and is on one with their ppl.

  12. Now the wife is hitting the right points..we need healing as a ppl. For the Bible is trying to get us to come together as a ppl. Yah, is trying to get us to break the mind set of slavery. Because, our main problem is what we are doing to our on ppl..we are becoming our worst Enemy. I'm all in on this, to break the wickness over our ppl.

  13. I have joined in on this fast this is my 1st day I have fasted before a few times before I am Praying and Fasting and keeping the Faith. We all need to Repent, Pray and Fast…All Praises To The Most High Yah for this fast

  14. Started on the 16th. Only water, lemon, and honey because i have a physically exhausting occupation. Very excited to be a part! Salt water flushing tonight. Much thanks for the encouragement, ive been wanting to fast for a while.

  15. Be prayerful family and keep you face turned to The Most High because he never slumbers or sleeps. Also ignore these people in the comments that seek to deter from the mission. They are scared for us to wake up and will say anything to cast doubts. Let Yah be true and let every man be a lie! He said that if we humbled ourselves and prayed that he will hear us and he will heal our land. Yah is not a man that he should lie so let's do what he says and pay no mind to the doubters and the naysayers.
    ❀️❀️❀️ Much love mishpacha!!! ❀️❀️❀️

  16. I finished my 3 day dry fast today at 6 pm. I broke it with fresh mixed fruit, some water and some carrot/ginger/turmeric juice.

    Because of what's going on, I have to work from home. I managed to pray a few times a day and before bed and at 3 am because I kept waking up around that time for some reason. So I just talked to the Most High, then went back to sleep to get up for my 7:30 am. to 4:30 pm schedule. I prayed for my Mother and myself and that he heard me.

  17. I also listened to some of your meditation videos and used other resources of meditation during this time. I also read some of my writings of what I want to accomplish.

  18. I joined in with you and done this fast, I never fasted in my life . But something told me I should do this. On day number 3 something absolutely amazing happen to me . I could actually see energy with my nake eye . My body started to vibrate as I was speaking in tongue and singing with a loud but beautiful voice to the Most High. Nothing has ever happen to me like this before. I need guidance from you. Ive never felt this kind of peace in my life as I’m feeling these days. Im totally satisfied I need nothing from this earth but love food and water, my mind is at peace. The energy is totally different around me now.

  19. I saw the simply raw documentary about reversing diabetes through vegan food. I saw this recently. I came here after starting my fast today! Strange but things happen for a reason. Even though I'm not joining you


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