Fasting to break strongholds, 3 Day Fast

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1 Kings 8:1-11 Feast of dedication

for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of God.
2 Chron 5:14 (KJV)
1 Chron 22:5…the house that is to be builded for the Lord

2 Chronicles 7:1-6…Solomon had made an end of praying, and the glory of the Lord filled the house.

Joel 2:23…Latter rain former rain…

James 5:7…the coming of the Yahuwah. until he receive the early and latter rain.

Hag 2:3-9….Who is left among you that saw this house in her first glory?

Ezra 3:8-13….
Romans 6:13-19 Your members are instruments of righteousness
Romans 12:1-2 Present your body
1 Corth. 6:19-20 Body is a temple

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  1. PRAISE TMH, I was reading. Jonah 3:5 in it was interesting how strong the people of Nineveh belief was on the word of TMH that they begin to fast, immediately after hearing Jonah Message from TMH. AND, TMH repented from the evil that he said he would to them. fasting and prayer do change things. APTTMH, for you brother watchman for helping to encourage other's to strengthen our faith in TMH.

  2. Nearly every fast I've ever attempted failed or was really difficult. This one has been quite enjoyable. So glad I was able to do this with you all. Shalom!

  3. Shalom brother, shalom family. Should fasting be in accordance to scripture be no food or drink?

  4. Shalom family!! 💞 Todah to YAH, for the fast.. I am so GREATFUL l was able to JOIN IN AT THIS TIME OF FASTING!!! IT WAS SO NEEDED…🙇 I and my family TRULY, needed this as we and Yisrael abroad do Hale 'U YAH!!!🙌 I actually did the three days praise our faithful MOST HIGH for seeing me through Amen… I did it with just a little WATER!!💧I am SO GREATFUL I WAS ABLE TO PRESS THROUGH IN THE SPIRIT… I HAVE NOT DID A THREE DAY FAST IN YRS!!😏 ALL PRAISE BE UNTO our FATHER IN YAHUSHUA YOUR ONLY BEGOTTEN SON SO BE IT.. 🙌 TODAH FAMILY FOR CALLING THIS FAST AMONGST YISRAEL ND THE STRANGERS ONELOVE~💞 SHALOOOM….

  5. Yes, I'm hanging in. I fast often, and this has been greatly needed. My sister joined me in fasting and praying. Be blessed family!

  6. How can I email Sister DeboraYah. (Please forgive me if i misspelled your name and please politely correct me.) I have learned so much and am so grateful to have found you all. May Yah continue to cover and bless your family.

  7. Thawada YaHaWaH. I have been praying for someone with the ability to touch many at once to start doing what u r requesting from Yasharahla. Today my prayers have been answered. Because our fight is a spiritual fight and we are in the last minutes of this time period, so we must begin to pray and fast with more frequency. Thank u for standing up to do this. I couldn't get enough people together at once to do so. We as a people are beginning to walk more in the spirit of the law and not just the letter. I'm even learning to do morning and evening oblations like Adam, Melchizedek, David and Hamashiach did. Double honors unto ur household. I look forward to more help with spiritual focus from u. KC YASHARAHLA has our ears open to u elder. Do Yah thang!

  8. Shalom!! And Praise Yah!! 3rd day I was struggling a little through the night but all is well now!! Be blessed Brother Watchman!! Thank Yah for Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah.. I have been following you guys for a little while now and I have to say I have truly been blessed spiritually! I have watched all of your documentaries and several of your services. I now keep the Sabbath and watch you guys service every Sabbath! Again I thank Yah for you guys and Pray Yah continue to bless your family.

  9. Thank u for clarifying. I dont know if i can fast since im pregnant but pray i surely can

  10. The fast has worked it powered down parts of the system/and took part of the grid off of my body/thank you all.Need reinforcements for those to continue the fast and some to start up the fast when those are ending the three day fast.

  11. I commented on ur talk about Yahs name can u please answer me back thank u I need help I'm going up against Jehovah witness to try to hell my mother find the truth I'm only one going up against many I need prayer n can u answer my comment

  12. I need to be Baptize but I don't know where to go can you help me can I do it myself ? I need ur help

  13. It was difficult but I started already. I have been fasting for a while and when I begin to pray about Our people that was the toughest day. This is a great exercise in solidarity and I'm sure The Most High is going to answer US.

  14. As soon as I saw this video my spirit spoke to me and I did the 3 day water fast. Hardest day was the 2nd because for some reason I felt really really weak more so now then any other fast on my 2nd day. But on the 3rd day I managed to keep my head up and finish up with the help of Yahusha. Praise Yahusha for allowing me to lean on him during those hard times.

  15. Brother please try to cut off de background noise in your videos to hear you much better I will appreciate it
    Shalom shalom all.

  16. I been fasting for six days no food no water my six day i drank some juice s i cant believe its been this easy Yah has told me things in his word.I my keep on going must hear more from my father i can not believe im not hungy my sides hurt alittle but I can hang i was even around people having dinner, I prayed for the people you mentioned and for others and talked to other about the word if I can do you can too come on people press in!!!

  17. I told one person I was entering a fast (family member). Does that take away from the power of my fast? If I repented and tell no one else?

  18. Can fasting break strongholds of addictions? I was telling someone who is addicted to drugs that they should fast.


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