Fear of Post-Musk exodus grips Twitter, employees grill CEO | World Latest News | WION

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal faced the heat of his employees after Musk’s takeover of the company. He chaired a company-wide meeting where Twitter staff demanded answers regarding the mass exodus policy following the completion of acquisition deal with Elon Musk

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Comment (46)

  1. One mega base of Liberandus is captured now and 'poor' liberandu employees of Twitter crying foul against their new 'owner'.

  2. If they are angry then get the fukkk out . And you got a embrace Elon Mask 😷. He is a pioneer of many things .

  3. Twitter has been so left leaning and utterly partial ay change will be good. Aggarwal failed to set matters right and is full of gas.

  4. The CEO is just a puppet, y’all no that!, they don’t care, they got there pay, he’s goin 2 get use again

  5. A perfect example of why you don’t fill your business with a bunch of far left political ideologues while forcing all normal people out

  6. Elon will soon offer green cards to all those Engineers in queue in the US last 15 years.

  7. Twitter employees better start learning to CODE or looking for all those Green New jobs that are being created..lol…. cause they going to be unemployed pretty soon…..

  8. It would be for the best if all twitter employees left. That way, Musk could be sure he was getting employees who put the good of the company first. People would be out of work, but I am sure their left wingers will support them.

  9. Do you think they are developers and programmers out there that do not want to work for Elon Musk , because i think they are many just waiting to sign up.

  10. Twitter is finished. First leftists finished the company now Musk will screw it totally with his libertarian free speech views.

  11. Why dosent the ceo tack her staff and her earnings an create thier own company ..thier succes is sure to last longer then CNN plus

  12. The twitter lawyer should be investigated why she blocked that story and should not have job. It was dirty politics.

  13. Elon owns Twitter, so he can reprimand or criticize anyone he wants. They are free to quit if they wish.

  14. The only word I was able to understand was Musk. That's it. Why do all Indians speak like one man??? GOSH!!!!!!!

  15. Any grief these evil Twits feel should be looked upon as a self-inflicted wound.

    Poor dears. Let the find how it is to live in the real world.

  16. Elon Musk didn't ridicule that woman. He didn't even mention her. He made a very mild statement that is consistent with his previously posted views. So cry me a river!

  17. The Tweeter employees who have been interfering with free speech and cancelling Conservatives while giving Leftist Purple Hair NPC's a pass should be worried. There's a storm coming and its name is Elon Musk.

  18. THIS WOMAN'S ACCENT IS SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND! Why do North Indians have such thick accents but read ENGLISH news? Recruit from other cities like Mumbai and Kolkata where they have smooth easy-listening accents, as news readers should?

  19. Actually funny because of they do not want a job with tweeter then they all need to quit an find a new job.
    They actually do not like the fact they can not stop any one else from talking about anything they wish to in say what they want to

  20. Agrawal's must be the first head on the Twitter chopping block. His insidious meritocrat smile as he dismissed the First Amendment was chilling to see. He and the censorious snakes around him must go. Be merciless, Elon!


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