Feast of Trumpets


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  1. +watchmanreports shalom Elder, I thought when us men pray, we are suppose to uncover or heads, for the Messiah is our covering?

  2. Paris Yahuah! good work. bro- Yahu & sis Deborah yah. as you bring this teaching on the Fast of Trumpets . Do you worship on YAHAUH'S APOINTED TIMES Sabbath After the luni-Solar calender? acording to Bere'shiyth Genesis 1:3-4 ,14 -18. ,Yesha'Yahu 66:23 ,PS.81:3,PS 104:19, Chizayon Revelation 12:17, and many other Verses. as True your teaching's many truth aß Ben revealed to me please pray about this, i beleive that the luni-Solar calender is Yahuah's calender, and Not the Gregorian Calender wish was change by Pope Gregory Xlll or let's establish by him . Same aß we shoud know's His Name ,we must know's His APOINTED TIMES by using His calender. Thank for doing What 2 Tim. 2:15,as you always do es..

  3. OMG!!! When you were reading from Revelations Chapter 8 referring to trees burning up, I couldn't help but think of the wold fires going on in California right now! I also believe many of the animal deaths & waters turning red in various places have much to do with Seals being broken and/or trumpets blown. It is truly a wake-up call to our people!

  4. Brothers and sister believe me or not. but I have something to tell. I had a dream.. Man it was and it is crazy to me because I never had something like this before in my dream.. In my dream I woke up and looked out of my window and seen bodies rising to the sky. And then I woke up but I strugled to wake up alil and i squented my eyes and seen a dark body figure on all fores.. so I opened my eyes completely and it was gone..WHAT am I bugging out. Am i… I don't know.. please explain

  5. I love what you said about cern and about how the Most High has a plan for depopulation. That's hilarious and we are so loved and protected by Yah in the midst of all this insanity 🙂 Hallelu Yah

  6. I was watching this video before sleeping. The strangest thing happened at 2am someone went outside in our apartment complex and blew a shofar type horn and blew it seven times. It was strange being that I just watched this video. I am pretty sure that it was real and not in a dream or something.

  7. please don't take offense, but I am on the same page, but once the noise stopped it was better, hearing the message not the unnecessary noise when reading scriptures, actually that showing disrespect for YEHOSHUA's word……PEACE

  8. The Feast of Trumpets is unique in that it is the only New month day that is to be observed as a Sabbath, but like other New month days, and other appointed festivals, it involves the prophetic act of blowing of the trumpets, which speaks to very significant event that is hinted at in several scripture passages, not least is Numbers 10:1-3. So, the blowing of the trumpets in one way typifies Israel gathering together, specifically at the door way of the tent of meeting. Yahushua is the door to salvation, so this is profound and of itself and the tent of meeting or tabernacle represents atonement, or redemption; a way of righting oneself and getting back in favor with Yah. This also represents the work of Yahushua. Numbers 10:9, 10 gives us additional reasons for blowing the trumpets, both verses 9 and ten of Numbers 10 is of great interest, because it speaks of the trumpet being used as an alarm in time of war. When looking at the law surrounding the Feast of Trumpets (Lev. 23:24) the term used to describe the blowing of trumpets, teruah, word H8643, carries the chief sense alarm of war or war-cry, according to Brown-Driver-Briggs. The Feast of Trumpets represents a serious event that will fulfill (Num. 10:9). Many miss this important point the blowing of the trumpets is not ultimately fulfilled by the blowing of the actual metal instrument, but by the people of Israel crying out to Yah with their voices (Isa. 58:1). Just as we are to cry aloud and spare not when it comes to pointing out the sins of our fellow Israelites, we are to raise our vices to Yah like trumpets, so He will remember us and deliver us from our enemies. This is demonstrated many times in scriptures (1 Chronicles 5:20; Nehemiah 9:27, 28), and David wrote also in Psalm 22:4, 5. So the blowing of the trumpets, which pictures our voices crying out to Yah in times of war, during which our enemies will seek to destroy us (as they are doing this very moment) will be fulfilled when we cry out to Yah collectively, as a nation of priests, so that He will hear from heaven and deliver us one final time. Numbers 10:8 appoints the Levitical priests from the line of Aaron to blow the trumpets, we are now under the Melchizedek priesthood, which places all of Israel back in the position of priests, nation wide (Psa. 110:4; Rev. 1:6; 5:10). Therefore, we are all to cry out together, twelve tribes strong. This is what the final trumpet in Revelations 11:15 points to. Since the blowing of trumpets also pictures a gathering together of Israel, the Feast of Trumpets also points out to the great gathering of the twelve tribes scattered abroad, as promised by Yahushua (Matt. 24:31). That gathering will also involves the dead who sleep in the graves, for the kingdom must be filled with all the faithful times past (Dan. 12: 1, 2). So this memorial points to a time when Israel will finally be delivered from all its enemies and the sleeping faithful will be released from their graves.
    The Feast of Trumpets is always on the first day of the seventh month on the Hebrew calendar. We don't need to blow trumpets that day, because the blowing of the trumpets points to the voices of Israel crying out in distress, like during times of war, or calling to assemble. On that day we should reflect on the future deliverance of Israel and pray for it, and we should also look with hope towards the resurrection, where we will reunite with the faithful who have fallen asleep. Also, since it is in fact a pure convocation, portions from the Torah (5 books) should be read aloud and explained on this day from early morning till noon, if you are assembly, or read to yourself from the Torah.
    Remember, that the FOT is a Sabbath, and according to Isaiah 58:13, you are to keep it pure, etc.

  9. I was sleeping and in my dream i went down to the basement which I don't have and there were hot stoves burning with grease like cooking and I started saying I rebuke you in the name of yahusha and they started to go away or stop then i started saying i rebuke you demons in the name of yahusha and they started screaming and fleeing out and away from there and i felt like i knew what i was doing and i had alot of them down there.praise yashua cause my body was ringing from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.it was on sunday 9 10 2017 I'm trying my hardest to stay praying to yahusha for help and protection from satan and his host and i live in las Vegas.all praise to yahusha for my life although i am scared but when i awoke i felt so drained and like i had been fighting devil's and demons.pray for us out here my beloved family of yahusha.shalome

  10. Hi my name is Annie. I just recently became aware of who we are about 4 months ago. I have been following some of your teachings on YouTube. If you don't mind, may I ask where are you located? I would like to attend your assembly if you are located in Michigan. Thank you.

  11. I was told and through observation of the moon that hereinUSA the sabbath is revolving due to he appearance of the moon cycle so sabbath was on Tuesday sept 19 2017'and new moon day / holy convocation, 20th is the feast of trumpets. Day of atonement is on 29th September and 4th October is the feast of tabernacle and ends 11th of October 2017. Any comments on this. onelove and keep teaching 💚💛❤️

  12. Shalom. Just checking the lesson and want to share that all of the Feast Days have been fulfilled but they ALL represent "things to come".. the kingdom.

    The MEMORIAL of Trumpets MEMORIALIZES when Abba YAH appeared to us, made a covenant with us, gave us the Commandments and put his fear in us. We can't memorialize something that has never happened


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