Felix Werth: German Party for Health Research. Is transhumanism a bad term?

Felix Werth is a Chairman of the German Party for Health Research, longevity activist and politician.

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  1. I want to add a thought about the discussion regarding the word "transhumanist". I think, almost everybody wants to live longer in good health. Now, many people put the diseases of old age out of their mind, because they think, that we can do nothing about them. But once the rejuvenation therapies are available, almost everybody will take them. One goal should be to educate people about this opportunity, so that almost everybody will actively support the hastening of the development of rejuvenation therapies. If you call people, who want to live longer in good health with the help of medicine, transhumanists, you kind of separate them from the rest of the people by this word, even though wanting to live longer in good health is normal, i.e. everybody wants it. This separation makes it more difficult to get active support by more and more people. So maybe the best thing would be, to not call people, who actively support healthy longevity research, anything special.

  2. In the USA , more futuristic candidates are running on the mainstream parties. Zoltan Istvan ran as a libertarian and temporarily as a republican. Andrew Yang ran as a democrat.

  3. In my experience, those who identify as transhumanists want the older to live as long as they want rather than let them die eventually to accommodate babies being born even if that requires mandating birth control.


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