Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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Comment (27)

  1. Perhaps it's women who have become toxic and not men? Just a thought. I also thin Will Smith really isn't happy with his son wearing dresses and claiming to be another man's boyfriend. smh

  2. This is genocide in the black community. This is death to our men. They cant reproduce so they dont want us to. They want to bring division between black woman and black men. We as black folk reject this dysfunction., say no to this craziness. we wont allow you to tell us that wrong is right and right is wrong. Woman want real men not woman . Turn of that garbage tube that's brainwashing and we as black folk need to totally seperated from everybody else . If we go to war who are you going to send woman??? No!!!!

  3. I don't listen to white, women, when they start to espousing Alex Jones talking points, like "globalist"…… Sorry you lost me with that one.🤔
    Alex Jones is a buster, he's the most over-emotional, self-absorbed, narcissist, bitch made, mofo on the planet!😂 All I can see is his red face screaming, at the top of his lungs, and spitting everywhere, he's almost in stroke mode!
    Will & Jade dropped the ball year's ago with Jaden, I often wonder who wears the pants in that family, well, we know for sure it ain't Jaden🤨 But it might be Willow?🤔
    That's a smart, nice, looking, black guy are you two related?

  4. Not sure I agree with this one, I get the sentiment but feel this is too generalised.

    Can't take those two women seriously, wouldn't listen to them on other subjects. Disappointed

  5. I can’t see how u put Obama in this when he clearly approved gay marriage & help blow the doors off of the closet of that type of society & help bring down the true man!!🤔🤔

  6. Right now the way things are men turning woman woman turning men it is wrong it is so wrong to make woman woman you would have done that but he made man and woman Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve you guys are sick to the core you take this whole world and turn upside down how dare you don't see two female dogs jumping each other or two male dogs jumping each other or getting stuck together do you we are worse than animals

  7. I love the way that girls talking right now embrace your maximum your maximum is he be a man be a good man be a loving man be a kind man be a gentleman but be a masculine man


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