Final Day of AMFEST 2021 | The Charlie Kirk Show LIVE 12.21.21

The Charlie Kirk Show is back LIVE on Salem Radio Stations across the country with coverage LIVE from the final day of Turning Point USA’s America Fest in Phoenix, Arizona, including coverage of Charlie’s speech from stage.

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  1. I honestly believe Fauci and the CCP and elites made this bioweapon for this purpose. Days after it was released Chi ese state media was broadcasting fake footage of people collapsing and dying in the streets. Fauci and the MSM have been lying from day one. Again, and again, and again. This was all planned. The great reset was planned. They'll keep pushing it back until they feel they can pull the takeover off.

  2. Dude they wanted to wrap as soon as he asked a real question. I wish she hadn’t answered. It would have exposed her even more. She sat there not responding and acting like she couldn’t hear. Then responded ONLY because NOT answering the question would have been very decent staying for her reputation. I’m disgusted. Seriously man.

  3. Heartbreaking what they are doing to the youth of the U.S. and the world. They are causing psychological scars and doing physical damage that will last a lifetime. Stop the fear and control with this scamdemic.


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