Finding Biblical cities in map of South Africa from 1923

Looking Biblical cities in map of South Africa from 1923 all praises due to The most YAH🙏🏽

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  1. You are correct, Genesis 13:1 states Canaan Land is South of Egypt. Sub Sahara is the Promised Land. There is a Youtube channel that has been teaching this for the past two years and have identified the majority of biblical locations in Sub Sahara. Also in South African is Sodom (Sodoma) and Gomorra (Gomorrah). There is Kannanland province in South Africa. There is Mamre in South Africa, the plains where Abram lived. There is Gaza in Mozambique. The Jordon River is in a Reservation in South Africa, and Cape Town is ancient Capernaum (Kapernaum). What you will find is that there are slight differences with the spellings. You also have the Nguni Tribe in South Africa, who are descendants of Nephatli as stated in the Bible. The Sahara Dessert is the wilderness that our ancestors wandered in for 40 years, as they went SOUTH when they left Egypt. Africa is the land that was divided at the Berlin Conference that fulfills Joel 3:2 that divided my land. These nations want us to believe Africa, which had the first civilization that only Egypt was developed and the rest was all jungle and uncivilized, yet they were able to craftily carve up the land and share it among themselves. There is also a place in South Africa called Qumra, where the "Dead Sea" Scrolls were taken from. In the Xhosa language there are several biblical quotations, like the words the Messiah said on the cross that are as spoken to this day, however the translation that is told to us if a lie. All the animals and minerals, gold silver, etc are all found in Sub Sahara. Sub Sahara has the richest land, that is why all these nations cant leave the lands and people alone.

  2. All the locations with exact biblical names in southern part of Africa are mere decoys intentionally placed there to fool people. Ask yourself, how does those names fit into the local languages? If it's too easy to figure out with 100% match with actual names in the biblical text, then it's likely not real. They intentionally place some of these names in different part of the world. The boundary must not go beyond Nile to the Great River (Malenke locally) thats is western direction from Nile.

  3. Shalom/Shalawam fam. Is there a way to make the maps more clear? I can't really make the names out.

    All this is interesting. I had an old friend from South Africa that told me they have Hebrew customs. She was Zulu though which some will argue are Ham.

  4. Jerusalem today is not the Biblical Jerusalem as you can see from just this map and there’s many others that show the same thing so if the land today is fake what else has Europeans been lying about land fake people fake 😅😅😅😅😅

  5. Manipulating the Scriptures!. Eventually This Sect will have to come with their own book to back up their lies like the Mormons did, the Jehovah Witnesses did etc etc.

  6. @Morven Richardson brilliant true 👏 have also been following Elder Nkosi Zoonadh1 aka Richard Headley on the true biblical locations in Sub Sahara Africa. Icing on the cake…is the Solomon temple destroyed in A.D 70 was in the Kalahari Desert.

  7. The biblical promised land is in the continent so called Africa. The biblical promised land. The land of Canaan. The biblical 12 tribes of Israel and biblical Egyptians were black people. The black people in western central south east of the continent so called Africa and those our people that were scattered to the ends of the earth through slavery.

  8. You seem to forget the 271 years BEFORE this map was created…

    The settlers were devout Christians and they named various
    places after place names in the Bible. Very often this was the
    only book they had with them and they drew inspiration from
    this book.

    If they reached a valley, or a hill that vaguely matched a
    description in their book, they would name this place after
    a Biblical place name…

  9. Praise YAH'OOAH, Yahuah. Jerusalem is in Namibia Africa near Seeheim known as the Southern Kingdom of Yah'oodah,Yahudah. It is shaped something like an arrowhead. It is burnt down black not one stone on top of the other to this very day. It is uninhabited. Jeremiah 9:11 In the middle of Jerusalem is three Hebrew letters engraved into the ground by satellite view that transliterate OO'DAH, U'DAH. for its Authenticity! South of Jerusalem is the real Dead Sea! That is where Sodom and Gomorrah laid at. For its authenticity there is a meteor impact of a crater embedded on the edge of the Dead Sea.

  10. You sure are dumb.
    There are 39 places in the world named Jerusalem!

    Jerusalem can be found in 21 countries throughout the world.

    In some countries the place can be found more than once. For example America, Mexico and Brazil.
    America has the highest number of places called Jerusalem, spread accross 11 regions.

    The majority of the cities named Jerusalem can be found above the equator.
    The northern most place is in the region Niedersachsen in Germany. The southern most place is in the region Wellington in New Zealand.

    There is only one true Jerusalem, and it is in Eretz Yisrael.

  11. See that wall 🧱 that they pray on is a old temple of the Muslims the black Muslims it wasn't even on this map as Israel it's called something else it was known as a Muslim country and we got video to prove it

  12. Why do you think that the second president of Egypt said that and made that statement about the black people of that country he knew that it was a Muslim country see They got tricked into believing They was in the promise land when it's actually Africa 🌍 so that's the breaks they worship Allah and his wall 🧱


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