First steps: Getting closer to the Most High

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  1. Should one even let go of the past of ones ancestors? I am a gentile, so what am I supposed to do?…;-;

  2. Can I baptisé myself and how do I do it? Please, please, please answer me, I have only been baptised in the Protestant Christian way…

  3. I need to if it means anything if you don't dream anymore?I have just learn about my ancestors and want to know more, my grandparents never talked about their up bringing all I know is that my father family is from Clark Dale mississippi and my mother family is from Mark's second question is that how would i go about finding these things out ?

  4. I should of had this lesson on repeat before I came to the Land last April. Swinging the SWORD is a must because feeling good and strong is 1 thing but when problems start and your mind start to wonder off, Man! I'm thankful the Father has allowed me time to gain much more understanding. I amazed at times that I'm still alive when I know people who ain't here. That spirit that resist tries to dominate my life but I refuse to lose. I have Nothing But Hands & Feet for the enemy Halleluyah!

  5. I praise Yah for you bro and sis!!! This here message IS DEFINITELY a message for me. Yah knows EXACTLY what we need AND EXACTLY when we need it!!! HALLELUYAH!!!

  6. Yah has given me the gift of discerning of spirits, and I can see a lot of evil spirits at the Camp that I attend.

    Wooooow! Sis Deborah…I believe that being in the midst of evil spirits can affect those who don’t possess them, and that those spirits can jump from person to person. I totally believe that! HalleluYah!!!

  7. Please do the video on this demonic, witchcraft secular music today. All of it (hip hop, R&B, and contemporary gospel as well) ARE ALL EVIL(.)

  8. That’s right bro! We can’t go anywhere we want to go, because the spirit can’t dwell in unclean places.

  9. Yesss! We have to be mindful of things we watch, listen to, places we go, and people we be around, especially if others have an unclean spirit.

  10. Right…If your angry and allowing it to rest in us, the spirit can’t I dwell in us, because the Spirit can’t dwell in unclean places/people.

  11. Wish I could give you more than the one thumbs up as I'm going through all your lessons and teachings. I'm learning soo much as I'm watching all your videos, thank you soo much Watchman family you are a blessing from Father Yah. Halleluyah.

  12. I've been watching and listening to the both of you during this pandemic! I thank YAH for the both of you. Thank you so much for your honesty, wisdom and love for the people of YAH. Love 💕 you much, EVE~


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