Sound speech, that cannot be condemned; that he that is of the contrary part may be ashamed, having no evil thing to say of you. Titus 2:8

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  1. I'm so happy to know at least some people are waking up to this Truth, I've been a Flat Earth researcher for 5 years, this is the truth, and it will bring you closer to The Most High when you see HIS creation, So many people are blind to this Truth or just refuse the undeniable facts that Flat Earth presents, Earth is not a globe, we don't know what it is, but it sure is Flat, and Flat is not a shape, so it could be infinite, which in turn makes it a Realm, thanks for the video… Blessings to Yahwae.

  2. Isaiah (Yasha Yahu) said the world is like a tent, if the sun is in space, why is there light on earth but not in space? Plus during Sunsets the sun goes beyond down the waters not up. Which means the location of space is NOT where you think it is.

    Even the 2nd commandment made me look at the earth different. Also 2nd Enoch

    Heaven above
    Earth beneath
    Waters below

    3 Layers with a great amount of distant between them.

  3. Keep your foot on they neck! They want 2 take your video down 4 giving the real news. Y'all gone learn you can't stop the truth………GANG! MEANING THE ONLY 1 THAT MATTERS. HALLELUYAH GLORY 2 YAH!

  4. Brethren, look at the foot of a kangaroo and a so called T-rex and see what you see, nothing different, they both are the same, lair dem, all those things called dinosaur is nothing but animal we find around the place today the tweak to further their lies…

  5. The part I don’t understand is why they need the earth to be a “sphere” instead of “flat”? Why are people banned from going to the South Pole without a special clearance? And why is it when I watch a spaceship or rocket 🚀 launch -it appears to gain altitude then travel on its side ??🤷🏾‍♀️

  6. What is True is: all of our brains put together can't match TMH God, not even the evil one and his cohorts. Now that is true. All science proves for me, personally, is there is an Ultimate Power greater than All of us put together, and if any of us believe that, all eyes will see. Thank you TCA.

  7. ????? How does an airplane or a rocket take off from a spinning sphere and not be flung about, and is able to land in a set location as the sphere is spinning. ??

  8. I really appreciate how you introduce these topics which we have just taken for granted. Satan is the master of deception, and will introduce a lie because it is part of his nature. He has overwhelmed the earth with his lies just because he hates the truth. We have been taught nothing but lies all of our lives, and everything which can't be validated by the Scriptures should be seriously questioned, if not totally abandoned. Truth is its own reward, and accepting it aligns you with Yahuah Himself. The more lies that are exposed, the clearer you will see God's reality. I truly believe that the enemy is getting desperate because he is sensing that his days are seriously numbered.

  9. First time I remember hearing about flat earth was a guy called Eric Dubay a few years back…hes got a video called '200 proofs the earth is not a spinning ball' plus many others .
    Areoplanes are a good way to prove the earths flatness, the word plane itself means 'a flat surface'. How would a pilot be able to land a plane on a runway that is on an earth thats spinning/rotating/allegedly moving at 1000mph? Good video TCA

  10. I stop listening in school when they said the sun and moon was in outer space but every picture they show you of earth….regardless of how bright the earth is….outer space is always dark? But I thought the sun and moon was out there with planets. The earth is the third planet from the sun….the sun has enough energy to come all the way to earth but its still dark in space? Man I see more light on earth than in space.

    Water weighs more than land right? So if the earth is mostly water…..wouldn't all that pressure crush the little land that exist on earth?

    I mean these the same people who keep saying they were the ancient Egyptians. Hiw could you survive in back then walking around with your shirt off, building pyramids and all this "civilization"……so if you able to adapt to the desert back than more than 2000 years ago why ya'll still getting sun burn to this day?

    Like my grandfather use to say…..common sense is a God given tract. All you gotta do is use it. If I don't know nothing else God is very consistent in all his ways and even his creation.

    Even in food everything that is good for you is of a dark nature!! They don't say eat "white bread but wheat or rye…darker grains, dark leafy veggies, dark vibrant fruits eat brown rice, brown sugar, hell even honey is better for you….so the way the Alpha and the Omega made his creation is actually better for me and keeps me sustained…..interesting 🤔🤔🤔

    Have you wondered why we have "white wheat bread" even they know what time it is that why the had to put the "white" in front of wheat bread. But we all know what color is wheat. Keep listening to these people and not the MOST HIGH….common sense he gave you and you will end up mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually, dumb.


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