FLU Shot Lands Man In Hospital

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  1. Rat blood and pig blood? Isn't there a verse in scripture that says they'll consume the rodent and the swinein the last days? Can someone help me out? I can remember

  2. The simple fact is vaccines are made of the virus that causes the disease, supposedly it's dead, but scientist actually agree if a virus is living or not, so how can they know if it is dead or not ? They are putting the disease in you, not curing it.

  3. I had got a flu shot last fall for the first time and I became so sick I almost died. Extreme diarrhea, high fever, extreme chills… The chills were so bad that if my pinky toe popped out from under the covers it felt unbearable. I started fading out and hallucinating really bad…i slept with YouTube videos on all night I believe that's what kept me alive and the grace of God.

  4. senator in new york died after receiving the flu shot…lou ferrigno (incredible hulk) was hospitalized after getting flu shot…stay away from them vaccines..

  5. I've been telling people for years about then flu shots add immunizations. The last one I had was back in 2003 and became very ill and was never the same again. I then ended up being diagnosed with lupus and other autoimmune disorders 5 years later. Currently have multiple medication allergies and unable to treat the multiple conditions. I really hope this man pulls through. Praying for him and his family.

  6. I just ate a bag of chips, one whole cream pie, six root beers, and 3/4 of a cheese pizzahut pizza.
    I am blowing up again. I will be killed by God if I don't stop.

  7. this is off topic but, watch the movie venom, one guy does a whole bit about Abraham and Isaac, the movies got a depopulation agenda.

  8. I take no medication , anything wrong with me . Drink some herb or smoke some weed , I don't even catch a cold. 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  9. By now if you don't know the effects of shorts it's your fault. Period. We cannot trust any masquerading agencies!! Don't trust three letter deep state agencies. They don't work for us!! Spend your time away from everything else and endevour to research about our health maintenance!! We put too much damn trust in kavokian agencies. Shame on us!!! We need to wake the hell up lest we die prematurely!!!!

  10. Gullian Barre is terrible. My husband had it and nearly died. He was paralyzed in the ICU for nearly 2 weeks. God redeemed him, full recovery. He cannot take the flu shot.

  11. I got a flu shot once about 18 years ago…I was so sick I couldn’t even walk! I think the only thing that kept me from being hospitalized was because I was young and always ate healthy and worked out. But it still took me down!

    NEVER AGAIN! I don’t go to ANY “doctors” now. We will continue to use foods and fitness to heal and keep our health.

    They say they’re PRACTICING medicine for a reason.


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