Focus on Indo-Pacific security, AI; Boris Johnson won't 'lecture' India on Ukraine | World News

British PM Boris Johnson has arrived in India for a two-day visit. While the meeting comes in the backdrop of the Ukraine-Russia conflict, the key of the visit is to finalize two-way investment deals in defence, artificial intelligence and in green energy resources.

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Comment (25)


    Nearly two-thirds of India was under British control. Local maharajas ruled, but the British pulled the strings.

    The Mutiny, the first major uprising against the British, broke out in 1857. At the hands of the Sepoy, Indian regiments in the British army, Hindus and Moghul princes revolted. The mutiny was brutally crushed and a Raj, a viceroy, was installed by the British. The Indians became subjects of Queen Victoria and India became part of the British Empire.

    The establishment of the "National Congress" in 1885 caused a new eruption of nationalistic feelings, but the British cleverly drove a wedge between Muslims and Hindus, so that this too posed little threat.

    The post-WWI hopes of self-rule many Indians had were soon crushed by the British with a massacre in Amritsar in the Punjab.

    Meanwhile, Mahatma Gandhi had begun his campaign of nonviolent resistance against the British. This was difficult for the British to grasp and despite throwing him into prison, Gandhi's popularity continued to grow. It reached a peak during the protests against the monopoly of the British salt trade.

  2. Criminal economy is bigger than the legal economy. Cocaine is a £300bn-a-year business. Mafia and organised crime, fininced wars does not abide by the rule of law thx to offshores of UK. R.Saviano
    Zelensky and Kolomoisky are laundering money through real estate, read Pandora paper.
    Johnson wants corrupt India too in order colonise it again.

  3. And when will Britain start accepting refugees from Ukraine? There is a lot of attention, the war is heating up, and no help for ordinary people from Johnson.

  4. Thủy mới sinh lôc ở với ông bà ngoại ngoại được dúp đỡ chăm sóc vợ con dùm để mình làm thì tốt quá rồi hai vợ chồng cố gắng nhe chúc tụi em mãi hanh phúc mong thầy làm nhiều vlog đời sống <3

  5. Joker.. He just looks like a manager of high end customers. I guess all politicians are managers for wealthy businessmen.

  6. hopefully he will talk about Islamophobia and what Hindu extremist government is doing to the minority 😢

  7. India ,now on stop depend on russ weopons and technology,our Arjun tank will be better than russ t series tank,beware of russia hardware,or,will lost to if China war happend,co oparate to the west,he west everythings war weopons are the best in the world,no other match.

  8. Show that clown 🤡he's not welcome here, we're with Russia🇷🇺 and never trust the West especially the United States and UK, Russia was our only ally who stood for us during our darkest hour!

  9. fat boris is in india to thank modi for the £45 trillion & the kohinoor diamond while escaping the wrath he faces back home. you guys think too much if you think that boris is there to pander to your illiterate canteen helper of a prime minister

  10. Ah, so it only took the British 75 years to figure out that India doesn't like being told what to do. You have to hand it to the UK. Somehow they managed to rule us for centuries without learning a single thing about us.

  11. He wants indians to work as his people do not work like us, nothing is free on this world… His immigration topic benefits British more than our people..

  12. Today, number one employers of the UK are Indian companies. India has rise after she was left in ashes, even after UK took 45 trillion dollars from India.
    Dharmic wheel is turning. 😊🙏


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