Food Shortage is coming! 2021 and beyond

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  1. You say I go off topic but I'll say whatever the Holy Spirit leads me to say so in the Holy Spirit speaks and somebody hits the mute button how can the message get across just saying if something I say is wrong I would love for you to sit down and go over it with me because the children of Israel that make it to the kingdom of heaven will be righteous men and women holy kings and queens the Holy Spirit put on my heart if a man believes and looks forward to having slaves in My Kingdom they have the wrong Spirit dwelling in their hearts I do not believe this to be for you watch me but people in your comment section but the Esau doctrine is a very important topic it is giving Hebrew Israelites a bad look they are putting men on the streets preaching the wrong kinds of messages doing things that Christ would not do part of my calling is been waking up African Americans to who they are and trying to lead them to the Holy Spirit so they can become who the father created them to be all praises and when I go to look up stuff about them all I see is young men that are preaching words from the Bible truth mixed with untruth screaming and shouting hatred condemnation and judgment the truth is going to come completely out the world will know that the children of Isreal or the African Americans and native Americans prophesized in Scripture right now the image of your movement that is mainstream is creating a image of a hate group how will the world ever be able to accept who the Israelites really are if the depiction they're getting is a pure hatred towards one of color just as it has always been here in America it's not all about color it started because the ones who did enslave your people the 10% what 1 percent the elite however you want to call it knew who your people were when y'all were enslaved and those people are a small group of people most Caucasians here in America had no ties to any of that a lot of the slave ship was on by askenazii fake Jews most Caucasians I know have never even met one let alone kin to them we need to be coming together all of us it says the Olive tree and the wild Olive Branch grafted in will be the two witnesses in the end of days the days we're living in now and those two trees are identified to be the biblical children of Israel and the gentiles grafted in we all become Israel that is the true prophecy and fulfillment that must come to pass and will but sooner we start working together maybe the faster that can come to pass I won't people that I am ministering to like caucasians when I tell them whoever can Americans are I want them to be happy about it I want them to be able to accept it but everything you see is hate right now yes the father of Heaven is going to come with wrath on this earth will be soaked in the wickeds blood yes I know this right now we should be saving people the father is the one going to be the final judge we must have only judge amongst ourselves the chosen the elect in the perfecting of the saints the father of Heaven is going to judge the lost and wicked and they will all be on there knees right now I am trying to speak to you as the Holy Spirit speaks for me

  2. My wife told me chill bout it she loves watching yal I'm not trying argue Just communicate my hope is to speak to u but seems only form have of reaching out to u is your comments please forgivee for ever going off topic I just don't know any other ways to communicate with yal never meant to seem disrespectful at all during any your teachings of there's another way to communicate with u it be an honor Watchmen Reports to be able to talk to you I have been keeping up with y'all for a while now almost like I know y'all and see yal as family

  3. Well if there is a food shortage the government is behind it. And my job has closed down the plant for cleaning. I still work because im on sanitation. And i found out that tyson has lost over 500,000 chickens. Due to a bacteria 🦠. And the same for my plant. I work in a food factory as well its all bull crap. They doing this on purpose. Trust me i know. Most wont take the shot so they will find a way to hurt us more. Im stocking up every week on can goods i have so many im lining them up against the wall. And im growing greens and cabbage, bell peppers, for now. And a lot of people said if they starve to death then they just ready to go home to be with the Lord they said they're not going to worry about it

  4. Shalom, I noticed that Egyptian display behind you on the wall. If I may ask, do you follow any of the Egyptology teaching / practices?

  5. It shall be short for those that live in the concrete jungle and don't have a clue how to grow their own food but you also have those that are also in the concrete jungle who has started to do so for they can see also what is coming the stooges shall also try to trick the people by altering the weather patterns by using harrp but they and their master cannot fool me people should also look at ways how to use every drop of water that they can use for the stooges and their master has already been telling you what their plans are but as usual the majority of the human population is still not taking not like sheep's going to the slaughter house just like this planned demic there shall be mass of humans going to the 🦴 yard very soon

  6. I would like to know has there been lot of adverts about getting a will written about yr love one's??

  7. Can you do a video showing the people how to grow their own food and the things needed to grow food?

  8. Buy fruit trees that already have leaves on them… Then air layer to make another fruit tree… FRUIT TREE for free.

  9. This message is such a confirmation for what the Holy Spirit has been showing me. I was just taking about the wild violet today in my front yard today. Thank you for bringing forth this message

  10. I have been taking this very seriously for some time now. My own plight is that I’ve been hospitalized for over a year; I had a brain tumor on the right side of my brain. I spent a lot of time on YouTube & I’ve come to know veganism. Which I feel is better for your health. What is not said, the food we’re eating is cancerous because what is added to what is natural making it processed & building cancer in us. Growing your own food allows us to determine whether organically grown or pesticide driven. I thank you for bringing up this topic. Love you much!!!

  11. All Praises to the Most High in Christ Blessed! Thawadah, Brother Watchman and Sister Deborah!!! Qam Yasharahla!!!!!

  12. How are you able to make America’s food shortages into a racist situation!!! I’m black n hell yeah I’m guarding ALL my shit with a gun

  13. Omg! I know this is unrelated but the Avengers is the people and princes against Yah. It's their version poetically. The right American, the progressive the Nordic, the Africans. We are the jewels of the ring. They know they will be destroyed, they know it's inevitable but they try…wow

  14. Get flour yeast sugar baking powder salt. Stock water. Apartment dwellers who have no balcony set up a table in front of a sunny window. You can grow some things in grow bags and pots. FYI: potatoes cucumbers squash is easy to grow. Of course stock up on shelf stable dry goods

  15. Agreed our ppl can be quite pitiful. There will be those of us who plan and take action and those who make excuses and run from the task ahead. Bottom line build with those who see how serious it is not those who playing

  16. That man you described sounds like a few people I cut off permanently…I'll wait until you build and create then ill come ….disgusting


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