Food Shortage Warning! Potato Farmers are dumping their crops

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  1. Thank you Mr.Watchan Report. Stay mentally and Spiritually strong for us people who want to learn, repent,and humble ourselves for the most high. In the name of Yahushua HaMashiack. Shalom 🙌💙🕎💪🌴🗡🛡

  2. I have to ask. What do seeds have to do with Covid19! They got this thing ready to bring starvation. Well get ready for the fields

  3. Thank you Watchman! P.S. purchasing dried freeze food with a shelf life up to 20-25 years is smart too.

  4. If the story of the messiah is true how come we don't see anyone transforming in to one. Is not written that ye Wil do greater things then…… Myself

  5. I remember this guy. Anti California, he even said all in California will be punished. Funny California is so bad and outta touch with the rest of the world but it manages to make more money than most countries and has done a good job handling this pandemic lol

  6. So you saying plant things ,but you see that things are going bad so why plant things in your backyard they might come and destroy the things in your back yard saying that you can't plant even in your backyard

  7. The video starts out with a article that states …("DEMAND") for potatoes has significantly ("DROPPED")….
    then the video goes on to show or state that there is a ("need") for potatoes ..(insinuating) there is a (need for food), (thus insinuating), …there is a "LACK" of food….. psychology + word play👂+ visual imagery👀 + ( )= FEAR PROGRAMMING

  8. ""Thank you brother Watchman, what a very very important and informative video you have here,👍,like you said, we may not know what's going on but Yah does, and the painting is on the wall, and we must wake up and see the colors, in my neighborhood i see lots of fruit trees, but not vegetable gardens, so starting a garden tower will be my plan starting today, it's time,,thank you for this much needed video, Truth must be Heard,,,,Truth must be Told,, Westcoast Listening 🙏..""

  9. YAH, is the CREATOR of All, YAH, is the CREATOR of "you", the CREATOR of your body, the CREATOR of your "mind",… use what YAH, has "created" IN you, … THINK/WAKE

  10. Grand Rising … I live in the Oranges, NJ and its true. The supermarket only allows 2 chicken products, 2 meat products, 2 fish products and if you should have more than that, the register won't ring up. Ironically, some of the shelves are bare but there are tons of fresh food and vegetables but potatoes are every expensive. I already planted my stuff, been working on & and lightening up on "stuff". Been trying to spread the word, but folks too busy wearing masks, and worrying about a virus that makes no sense.

  11. My husband and I are in our 70's and we are doing all we can. We had planted different kinds of vegetables from seeds are they are growing great! Our five grown childred have done the same thing. I used to live on a farm and learned many things from my parents who raised chickens, cows, and horses and had a large garden. My son who live in Arizona have bought a very large amount of land is growing all types of vegetable on is land. If things get to hard for me and my husband we will live with them.

  12. Who shall separate us from the love of Messiah?shell pressure or distress or persecution or SCARCITY ofY FOOD or nakedness or danger or sword? AS IT HAS BEEN WRITTEN 4 YOUR SAKE WE ARE KILLED ALL THE DAY LONG WE ARE RECKONED AS SHEEP FOR THE SLAUGHTER. BUT IN ALL THESE THINGS WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS THROUGH HIM WHO LOVED US. Romans chapter 8: 35-37

  13. Trump signs executive order on ordering the selective of the federal reserve to active duty. April 30,2020.I wonder are they going be used for riot controls ect..Hmm.. very interesting and suspicious indeed.

  14. Received our seeds today from you all. Thank you so much, and we'll be sure to frame the instructions.

  15. Shalom family, now is also the time to purchase a water distiller so you can distill your own water at home. Depending on your budget you can purchase a 1 gallon unit (most affordable ) up many gallons, with that purchase get water storage containers min of 7 gallons and start storing up water. Also get a bottle of Iodine or true colloidal silver and add 1-3 drops of Iodine or Colloidal silver per gallon if you want to store you water long term to prevent off taste and bacteria.

  16. FAM potatoes are really easy to grow…
    >They like loamy soil.
    >Not to wet, sunny location.
    >So when you see the roots sprouting on a potatoes you have a winning. PLANT IT!
    >You can get it to sprout, keep in dark dry location.
    >You know they are about ready when the foliage turns yellow and falling over.
    If you need one on one help/questions… you can find me @farm2forkcityhomesteading on Instagram

  17. The same thing happened during the Great Depression. Farmers were told to waste food. In other areas the land was ruined and crops could not grow. Read about the Dust Bowl in the Midwest. Now, that same area is flooding. Stock up on non perishables now. Start a garden. Ration until harvest time to avoid starving.

  18. thank you elder yahu you and your wife have been talking about this for awhile i appreciate your indiligence in keeping your people aware. on how to survive in these trouble times APTTMH SHALOM

  19. Did anyone see the movie (Blaze Runner 1&2)? Most of the adults in this movie died from a virus to which there was no cure. The children were also dying but at a much slower rate than the adults were. So this mad scientist decides to kidnap and experiment on kids who were physically and mentally strong. The aim was to subject the children to all sorts of mental and physical challenges then test the kids while their adrenaline was up to pinpoint which children were immune to the virus by exposing the children to the virus. This movie reminded me so much of what is going on with this virus only I don't think they have gotten to the point of kidnapping and experimenting on children. The movie is Erie similar. GOD Be With Us Please in the name of Yahuah.

  20. Thanks to youse guys Watchman Yahu & DeborahYah we have started our garden too…we bought a lot of vegetables & other seeds as well…We will buy more veggies &I'm looking for fruit trees as well but we are all workin 2gether….Thanks 2 youse again may " The Most High" bless youse too…..

  21. Check out this old film Soiled Green made in the 70s. The majority was eating soiled green and other kinds of low quality food. Only the rich was eating meat and other good food because they can afford it. The plantation is ruin impacting foods. The ground isn’t good for farming because man ruin it. The ending will shock you…

  22. I started beekeeping, Won't get any honey for myself yet, but when I do, Hello buttermilk biscuits.

  23. I bought a piece of property few years ago for planting i started using it for planting back in my island.


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