For Profit Cancer Industry Plotting To DESTROY New CANCER CURE

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Comment (17)

  1. Greeting Iyah, ear in Jamaica wi have trees dat produce a fruit that kills cancer and dem cells. The tree is called graviola tree, da fruits are called sour sop. 10,000 times better than chemotherapy or radiation. 1 million × no harmful effects. Seen Great works in teaching de people on how to eat to live!

  2. Wicked, wow, it must be in their DNA!
    Satan will not fight against himself!
    Just eat the foods of YAH, family!
    Put them out of business, let them
    eat that forsakened food meant for

  3. Every time you speak on cancer, it breaks my heart because of my 2 brothers with cancer. I will keep sounding the alarm to my brothers as I continue to get information from you. I will also share my book with them on how to reverse all diseases that I purchased. I'm praying that they take heed to what I have been telling them about the g-bombs.

  4. Many has brought fought cures for cancer. They're murdered, come up M.I.A, silenced, jailed, hung, sabotage, back ball etc.

    My all time favorite person fell prey to this lynch mob devil's.

    (Rest In Power)
    Rest In Power Dr. Sebi
    That you may
    Rise In Power to testify against your enemies along with the "Martyrs" in Heaven sitting under the "Alter" waiting to see Elohim avenge their blood.

  5. Yes, it is so true. The Most High has the final judgment. Praying for you and your family. Also praying for people who are speaking and teaching the truth. Sending blessing and love to you.

  6. There have been a cure for a long time. Dr. Sebi cured every type of diseases and look what they done to him. Big pharma ain’t having it. Love you brother. Shalom


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