Foreknowledge – Yah Knows the End from the Begining – Predestination 3

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Comment (24)

  1. APTTMH for the two of you!! This lesson was Awesome and so necessary in these times. May the Most High continue to bless you and your family and allow you to bring us his messages. Love you all, Shalom.

  2. I felt this lesson too, I received so much clarity. Thank you family Praise The Most High! Praise Him! YAH is opening up my understanding through His word, and showing me His Power! Whenever I'm in despair I know I have strayed away from Him. Thank you Sister Deborah for repeating the Scriptures and verses when we do our lessons. May The Most High YAH Continue to Bless and Keep your family.

  3. HalleuYAH! All Praises To ABBA YAHUAH For This Wonderful Message, As Sista Deborah Said. What A MIGHTY ELOHIM We Serve HalleuYAH. Todah Mishpachah ❀️ Shalom!

  4. The day when YAH Will say it's time to gather my people, I believe it will be such a joy in heaven. Bless u fam.

  5. Thank you for your broadcast. I have had you two on my mind for the last two days. I was just sitting here when you popped up. I am so happy to hear your happy laughter.. I am thankful. You speak my language. I understand.

  6. Please help me to understand who Mekezideq in Hebrew is?
    A scripture in Hebrews says he was never norn and will never die! It also explains that he was a High Priest! Is he ELOHYM?

  7. Love you too very very muchπŸ™πŸ½β€οΈβœ¨Wish for much blessings from Yah and May Yah be blessed

  8. Correct YAHUAH rested because all was done concerning his creation including his plan for man’s salvation.. YAHUSHA said it is finished giving confirmation to YAHUAH’S preordained creation and all that shall become of it. So now we are seeing and living out that already determined plan of YAHUAH from the beginning. True YAHUAH rested, but we cannot because it is not yet our time to rest and I’m not just speaking of someone who passes away but that spiritual and physical rest that shall soon come just as that eternal unrest for the wicked. So YAHUAH rested, but we must work on our faith, our fruits, our love walk, our obedience, our righteousness and our works of our hands for YAHUAH said there is therefore, a rest waiting for man on that seventh day YAHUAH of Shabbat so shall we rest as YAHUAH. This increased my faith Ahky and Achoti ❀️

  9. Hello my name is Frederick. Im trying ti get my spirit together. What do you think about consuming/ using marijuanna? What does the bible say?

  10. Hello watchmen and Deborah Can you please Look into the interpretation of vale birth baby and the benefits … thank you and your husband Ministry is blessings to me


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