Fox News Trickery in a Hebrew Israelite Interview – Covington Incident

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Comment (38)

  1. Rap the news put you and your husband up and said you were a endomite. I don't get it. Why is this about race.

  2. You don't know what you talking 👄 👄 👄 about Hebrew is the language and Israelite is the land go sit down some where

  3. Mark 4:22, KJV: "For there is nothing hid, which shall not be manifested; neither was any thing kept secret, but that it should come abroad."

  4. You are right, sister. He has fled himself very well and intelligently.

    I wish the Hebrew Iraelites would not just say the Mexicans and Latinos, but be specific by saying the Afro-Latinos and Afro-Mexicans and mention only the Black Native Indians.


  6. What about the Bibical Egyptians? Not present Egyptians, ancient Nubians…Kushites?

  7. The lady doing the report need to learn what a Christian is. Acts 11:26 She’s just running her mouth with no understanding of the Holy Bible. She don’t know the difference between Christians and Christendom. Our leader Jesus was about love, undeserve kindness. Forgiveness. Why can’t we just get along. Love is the greatest gift and we’re not displaying enough love. John 13:34,35 Matt 22:26-40. Rom 13:8-10 2 Cor 13:13 The Christian Church is about love for God Jehovah and mankind. 1 John 4:8 Jehovah sent his Son Jesus as a role model to follow closely.1 Pet 2:21

  8. You are just as delusional as that man. You are not a Israelite woman. The true Israelites come through the lineage of Abraham, that is history not your versions of what is fact but actually lies. That brother on TV and the others show the hate in their heart and that shows who their father is.

  9. You have no clue about what you talk about. Where has God done a miracle with you, he obviously saved true Israelites from the holocaust and near extermination then miraculously bring them back to their homeland of Israel. He didn't send just the black people as your foolish thinking would have you believe is truth. You need to repent woman bc you have a spirit of pride clearly. I can speak of this because I know I have Israeli decendance, you need a real history lesson. It's not about ethnicity any way if you do not accept Yeshua you will not find life regardless who you claim to be.

  10. Not only did he not want to scold them he did not want to acknowledge what was clearly said by them thereby sounding untruthful and evasive. If he was being fair he could have easily distinguished "hate" from "love" in speech and also in deed. He then went on to claim the promised land. When Yeshua returns all people will receive the proper inheritance and Messiah is coming soon. I noticed the host, who is already tall, put himself on a pedestal while the person being interviewed was placed in a chair. Made the interviewer look ridiculously proud and overbearing.

  11. We are waking up.and all of us will wake up when the time comes!!! 👆😊💪🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭

  12. Fear is sin …remember the bad report the 12 spies brought back saying there are Giants in cannot?

  13. We need to keep in mind that some of these Hebrew Israelites camps are being funded by the Ashkenazi Jews, they were created to form a negative connotation towards true Yisrael. They know the true people are waking up so this is a counterattack.

  14. Damn I didn’t get the whole story when I watched it on Fox News look I went from curchianity to Christianity their and I seen the white person on the cross I didn’t feel anything from that image and so from one suffering soul to another

  15. Fake news: These African Wakandanites were saying nothing but nice things to these innocent kids. Only sweet and kind words. How dare you judge these demons ? 😂

  16. Watchmanreports another amazing video.I watch your videos day. Thank you for spreading the truth.
    This Fox News interview was really hard to watch… the Interviewer was so biased! and everything he said was trickery and his manner and demenour was frankly insulting towards us… I feel that this Israelite brother was not the best spokesmen on our behalf tbh. But he was speaking truth i just feel he allowed too many indirects to be unanswered if that makes sense… I wanted to jump into the screen and tell that interviewer something my self! Very frustrating.

  17. Hebrews Israelite or not, the Zionist don't give a dam if you stand on the street corner and curse at white people, or pretend to separate yourself from them. It matters not, don't fool yourself. The Zionist wants to stop Isreal from awaking, and whosoever is in the act of awaking people is an enemy that must be destroy.

    Stop thinking that you can find a place of Peace, there is none. This message must be stopped, only sellouts will be given a wink. Don't fool yourself, you all are already the enemy. Stop thinking that you can present yourself as a clear and plain speaking Israelite, they don't care, you may as well go out on the streets, because they are coming for us all!

  18. The Zionist are coming!

    Over the last few days I have watched many from the Isrealite Nation come out to rightfully condemned the New Jersey killings attributed to two Hebrew Isrealite. As it has always been in our Nation (Israelite), we always condemned violence against innocent people, it has always been wrong in the past and it's totally wrong today.

    However, may I painfully inform you all that it doesn't matter if all of us prostrate ourselves before the world to condemn this violence, it matters not at all! The first blood has been shared in this pre-planned war against Yahweh beloved people by the children of the devil. You don't have a choice in this matter, the only one available to you is to keep following Yahshua or bow to the image.

    Some of you though you were going to get a free ride, insulating yourself from the Zionist influence, by coming out. As long as you stand in opposition to their wicked devilish agenda, they are going to come after you. Some of you believed that by exposing the truth of Yahweh and who you are, is a small thing; it is a direct threat to this World Order. You who are awaken, Yahweh's chosen people is a threat to the god of this world. Your awakening is a sign of the end of the devil and his seeds.

    Watch the press coverage on the incident, then you will clearly see that this wicked incident is the precursor to branding all of us as a TERRORIST GROUP. We are going to be presented as a bunch of ignorant hateful group, ALL OF US WITHOUT EXCEPTION. Even your families will run from you, and we are going to see people run from us, our own people.

    There is nothing we can do to change what is coming. But this is what they have never considered, every attack on Yahweh and His chosen people will cause the message of the kingdom to spread way beyond all of our imaginations. This Zionist believe that because they control world press they can control the narrative, this thinking has the same foundation as those that sought to kill Yahshua and realized later that he was better alive then dead. Even the evil planned in this first news coverage is going to cause his people to want to find out who or what is a Hebrew Israelite.

    We are not part of a social or political movement, we don't have a leader in the flesh; our leader is Yahshua, our constitution is the Word of Yahweh. How do you fight Yah? We are not driven by a certain kind of ideology derived from the mind of a man, we are not brought together by a strategy developed by a group or a man. No! YAHSHUA is our shepherd who is leading his people, we don't ask, we just obey Him and follow from the four winds of the Earth. I am following from Liberia, we are scattered all over the world and Yahshua is waking His Bride.

    Be warned, the Zionist and their oppressed agents are coming, before they start the physical assult, they must first attempt to destroy your image. but Yahweh has already raised up a hedge around His set apart people. Watch and pray.

  19. the part that killed the interview was in the end. The interviewer asked, "is it fair that children suffer their forefathers sin?" He provoked the interviewee to turn against His creator for placing us at the bottom. This interviewer knows the word. YOUR TURN. YESSSSS…recompense the saints' blood. YESSSS recompense for the innocent who died and you found yourselves blameless. You are equally guilty as the one who pulled the trigger because you secretly agree and your inaction shows it. The jury of YOUR peers. Time to PAY.

  20. the brother handled himself like a gentleman but fact is there is NO defending what the israelites in the video was saying ,Ha’mashiach didn’t speak that way why are they ? what spirit do they come in because i assure yiu from the record of that video it is NOT a spirit of peace from alahiym.

  21. “From the beginning men used God to justify the unjustifiable.”
    ~ Salman Rushdie, 'The Satanic Verses'

  22. Can you even read the Torah? Does any of your DNA trace to Isreal ? What ancient language do you have? If your ancestors were ever actually victims of the transatlantic slave trade you are most like west African. These lies are ignorant and I think you are Nazi

  23. Repent my people and believe on the true messiah according to the holy scriptures. Matt. 1:18 Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy spirit. John 7:38 He that believeth on me, as the scripture hath said, out of his belly shall flow rivers of living water. (But this spake he of the Spirit, which they that believe on him should receive: for the Holy spirit was not yet ; because that Jesus was not yet glorified.)

  24. The truth is in the bible, read it….you should understand the genesis and track down the family tree…notice that the asians are starting to team up, Iran,Russia, China,India,Africa, etc..


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