France, Germany evaded arms embargo? Weapons sent to Russia despite an embargo on arms shipment

A report suggests that France and Germany evaded arms embargo and sent weapons sent to Russia despite an embargo on arms shipment amid the war in Ukraine.

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Comment (39)

  1. NATO governments are pigs! Citizens face extreme price rizes, insane inflation, and being told to turn off the heat etc. Meanwhile selling weapons to Russia ánd Ukraine. Long live the west.

  2. im sure they just said 2014 to 2020. thats before the war even started. let me know if i got that part right or not. also im from nz so dont think im just making excuses

  3. Western countries going blindly chasing money ,no value and principles ,they don't know what is wrong or right totally lost credibility

  4. Well, when money talks and self-interest, when one seeks, as usual, to gain more power, decency dies. Gog & Magog is not only Russian, it is evil at work in all countries. Evil already has everything but is not enough and it doesn't care about your life or the planet. It's just talk and lies no matter which side you turn to and in the end good people died for nothing. The poor are poorer, the rich richer

  5. These countries cannot be trusted they want to protect Ukraine from the Russian attacks and at the sametime they sell weapons to Russia to attack Ukraine OH MY GOD cheaters they don't see what happened to Ukraine after Russian attacks but still want to add gasoline on Ukriane soil two minded people

  6. That is the reason sont loke tonghelp Ukraine becoz of the selling fire arms the best to sent misfle bomb in Ruusia country SURELY ALLIEN ET OUTIN WILL STOP.

  7. Why does US wants every country to abide by ots self interest, just because it has US dollars with which it can sanction any country from using it. Every country has their own issues to deal with than , as Trump says US leadership is really dumb these days and acting like a spoilt brat, dictating other countries to do what it thinks is right ignoring that world does not revolve around US any more

  8. They provoke the attack to increase their sales if the report is true. Poor people of Ukraine, lost their homes and lives. What a f-up world

  9. France n Germany are very questionable who they really are..They have been pounding UKR n kissing Putler's ass all years..

  10. this is ridiculous Germany and France were supposed to be primary negotiators in the Minsk agreement

  11. I hope you re not surprised. This is war. It exists to make money. That's why this war is on going to MAKE MONEY AND DECREASE POPULATION. ALSO COVID TO MAKE MONEY AND DECRRASE POPULATION. NO MEN NO BABIES.

  12. To my humble opinion, that alleged arms if it was verified true, it could be the exchange for continuing supply of gas to Germany and France. Therefore if countries existence is at stake, any policy and cooperation will not be so important anymore!


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