Free Brain Computer Interfaces? Kernel Livestream Supercut

Han from WrySci HX puts together a supercut from the Kernel Livestream. Find out how it works, what you can use it for and how to apply for a chance at a free brain computer interface. More below ↓↓↓

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Kernel Application:

Full Livestream:

Neuralink Video:

Openwater Video:


0:00 Introduction
1:21 How it works
4:14 How it might be used
5:46 Demo with expert
9:06 How to apply for Kernel BCI

Transhumanism is the way =] Let’s reduce suffering through science and technology

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Free Brain Computer Interfaces? Kernel Livestream Supercut by Han from WrySci HX

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  1. How accurate is the spectroscopy to measure the chemicals by light signatures? How focal can it be? I have one son with schizophrenia, another son with epilepsy, Autism, OCD, developmentaly disabled due to acquired Brian injury from a stroke in his infancy. Their mother had a stroke 20 years ago with other ailments. We live in Ontario Canada. I think this could be an excellent precursor diagnostic measure to find out what part of the brain could receive implants with with Elon Musk's "Neuralink" I want to see collaboration. It would reduce the fear of surgery away for the most accurate measuring at each synapse level. The most accurate diagnostic measures will help eliminate the "Witch Doctors and Brain butchers". It is pathetic the amount of convoluted BS that is in the medical field. I am a retired "HVAC Tech" that has over 3 decades of experience. I am pretty good at sifting through all the Hyped BS. I have seen some functional MRI that did show me some promise to properly measure a baseline of brain chemical imbalances before administer any medicine I would look at worst diet to best diet and then medicine. Pharmaceuticals need to be bulldozed into submission to only be used when absolutely necessary! It is good to finally see the light, all Pun fun intended.

  2. I see two problems:
    1. I already know when I'm distracted or making bad decisions. If I ignore my conscience, I'll just ignore the alert too.
    2. These applications would require one to wear the helmet for long periods of time. And it seems waay to clunky for that. And if this is what they show us, it'll be a while until it's noticeably smaller.


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