French Election 2022: Polls show Macron leading at 53% vs Le Pen's 47% | World News | WION

Recently, Le Pen has accused the incumbent President Macron of being outdated. While polls show Macron is leading at 53%, Le Pen is at 47%. To get more perspective, we’re joined by WION’s correspondent Ross Cullen.

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Comment (38)

  1. After leaving NATO France could implement its foreign policy which is solely based on the geopolitical interest of France and not based on USA's

  2. The idea of France leaving NATO having an impact is laughable. Really, is there anything more useless than the French military? If real war were to ever break out they would quickly surrender and need the Brits and Americans to bail them out.

  3. Le Pen better win….or France will continue as a WEF slave. Schwab admitted he owns Macron in interviews.

  4. Emmanuel Macron is what France really needs He's a great Leader, who in their right mind would vote for pepi le pen, she's nuts like trump.

  5. Emmanuel Macron is a great Leader, who in their right mind would vote for Le Pen, she's a wacko like Trump. Also each and every Nation near and around Russia MUST JOIN NATO NOW!!!!

  6. Would it not be timely to discuss why there are so many NATO troops within Ukraine? What will be the fate of those already captured by the Russians? Why are Russia and its allies attacking with so few soldiers? How long will the Ukrainian war weaken NATO's and America's defense capabilities? We can already see the economy. What if you have a back bigger plan? Let’s face it, the NAO and America are running out of stock. Russia has not yet used its advanced military equipment and Chinese industry, nor do we know whether they have stepped up military production. Taiwan would fully tie up America’s potential. North Korea is just waiting for a signal. Who will protect Europe heading for a deep recession?

  7. If they re-elect Macron, they deserve the continued neo-liberal misery and U.S. control of their foreign policy.


  9. Humans are powerless when they believe they can control by military, treaties and other items that do lead their hearts to Christ. Humanity is a train wreck coming. Despair is the name of the Tomorrows coming, till the End of Time.

  10. Its time to Re-shape the country for new hope and perspective of new security and stability of France. I hope she will win!!!

  11. I can't believe still exist french people voting a criminal like macron as their president
    It' s a shame!

  12. In my opinion. This election is meaningless the WEF has already chosen there prodigy Macaroony to win. It will look like Macaroony has just scrapped by the win when the true fact is that he has lost. Don't be fooled this election is all show.

  13. Yes whoever wins France will start the De Natofication 😆of europe, french revolution.Get rid of this Terminator !


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