French Elections 2022: Marine Le Pen wants France out of NATO | Latest English News | WION

It is the final round of presidential battle in the France and war of words between the top two contenders is intensifying by the day. As Macron tries to gather more support by softening its domestic policies, the far-right challenger Marine Le Pen has proposed to change France’s foreign policy.

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Comment (37)

  1. After leaving NATO France could implement its foreign policy which is solely based on the geopolitical interest of France and not based on USA's

  2. What le pen doing is course correction of France and want France to be independent and free from Nato influence

  3. She´s not more far right than that neoliberal little Napoleon. When it comes to war she´s to the left of most European politicians .That is the state of politics in the world right now. Deal with it!

  4. Vive Marine Le Pen: peace with Russia. USA is not our neighbour, nor our ally. Ukraïne is not part of EU or NATO. Change!

  5. How about a woman be dragged out of room in India like this? Everyone would be like "intolerant toward women" etc etc. In western country it is all fine.

  6. Le Pen is not a Globalist. Shes a Patriot. She loves His Country, his people, his traditions,his culture.
    Now all the globalist of the planet are hurrying to put her down with lies and false accusations when they are the real problem of this pathetic world situation.

  7. le pen may be controversial like trump, but at least she sees the problems going on in france and is willing to stop it. just like trump, she has balls and i respect that.

  8. Smart woman . Nato is nothing but a gangster money pilfering operation . Has been since 1949. Eu german y nato and the rest of you cabbage heads in that part of the world nothing but slimy snakes .

  9. with such a bright future offered and thought by Le Pen, Germany will soon have the Berlin Wall! Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Slovakia will disappear from the map or be crushed! With that, maybe everyone in the U.S.S. in one form or another they will understand that you can't trust all the lies that politicians put in their mouths when it comes to peace and quiet! They are all dragons when the weather is nice, but when the wind blows, the castle collapses!

  10. Stay away from u.s. that's the right answer to avoid war and conflicts because United snakes is a United Snakes…. United States qoutes to be enemy of United States is dangerous but to be friend with United States is lethal……

  11. Whatever everyone else does, France does the opposite, they are just a country of little Emperors with no clothes. They will do what they do and the rest of Europe will move on.

  12. Le Pen can’t even make sense, leave NATO? Then how will France generate leverage for NATO to ally with Russia? Or is leaving the integrated command something different than leaving NATO?

  13. Good. They are French, so they are usless. It is the same to have them in NATO or not.


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