French Elections: Muslim voters hope to keep Marine Le Pen out of power | Latest English News | WION

As the polling day inches closer some voters in France find it hard to vote for Emmanuel Macron due to his track record however they do not want far-right leader Le Pen in power as they feel it would put them in danger, watch this report for more.

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Comment (46)

  1. Everyone having a faith does believe and dont think for himself. (thats what I personally dont like about religion)
    People just being part of a religion cause of a statement ore lazyness, are just idiots.
    Religion can but should not really exist anymore these days. At least it should not have any weight in our society anymore.
    (cause humans should be better educated by now)

  2. Le Pen is a neo-fascist! A Le Pen victory would be dangerous for the Republic of France! There are world class non-French multinationals that create lucrative Jobs for French nationals. This is an irrefutable fact for all of Le Pen disillusioned voters! French capital markets, the CAC 40 and the Bank of France imports trillions of euros from global capital markets daily
    that sustains Jobs for French people, including Le Pen voters!
    The French nation that covets African resources assist Le Pen voters too! It time for a permanent decoupling of African nations from France. The euro tied to the CFA is retrograde.

  3. IMO it looks like the more Macron talks the bigger and longer his nose gets… Why are dwight ppl always trying to control other races of ppl- where they live how they live and/or if they live it's so diabolical this savage psychotic behavior

  4. Best thing we did was non Muslim women too start wearing the hijab as a support for Muslim women.

  5. Stop the lying, wearing hijab is never and will never be a freedom of choice. If these women prefer to be subordinate to men, why don't they relocate to places that places men above women? Everyday thousands of women are dying trying to escape oppression, while those who have freedom of choice want to return to oppression. Amazing!

  6. India should have such hindu rightist parties…we must need far right hindu party than bjp…only then bjp will deal these types of jihadis firmly

  7. Are Non muslim europeans just blind or stupid? .. Dont you have google to educate yourself?!… Just a warning from a minority christian from India.

  8. Most people would respect you if you went to Islamic states and campaigned and protested for the right of women to dress freely. Instead, its always bizarre people in democracies claiming they dont have freedom.

  9. First they convert native population then they will use them against their own native population which is clearly visible and a threat to the national security in the name of religious freedom….

  10. This foreign interference needs to stop. If your not a native you shouldn't get to decide the future of a country that isn't yours.

  11. The most blinkered and intolerant religion expecting tolerance . Try practicing a different religion in their countries .

  12. Muslims??? how's the voting going where you came from?? Muslims are hoping for more free stuff from Europe. Hey let's all go to Europe you get free stuff there. Is this why they were horded into Europe to sway the vote? Why not just rig the machines like in the USA?

  13. Why is WION so concerned about muslims? Why not care for the Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains and every Indic faiths?

  14. French Culture, European Culture and Western Civilization must be protected at any and all cost from Islamic Culture. All of Europe, Russia, North, Central and South American Culture and Australian Culture must be protected from any encroachment by Islamic Culture. That is one of the sacred trust center right parties all over Europe, Russia, Canada, United States & Australia promise to protect.

  15. Le pen needs to win. She has to save France. In a few years it will be to late. Brandums bum buddy will be scratching his head, in a few years, if he wins. You are doomed. France is doomed

  16. If Muslim Brotherhood are for Macaroni, what does that tell you.. You better choose LePen and take YOUR COUNTRY BACK…

  17. now they will find tricks from their intellectuals. and start to devide people of france…. first group they brainwash would be poors and black,they will enter in liberal group,always victim card…then so on


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